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We are entrepreneurs, practitioners, business-economists and pioneers for awareness, with many years of professional experience. At the heart of our services is a wholesome humanism, systemics, neuro-economics and positive psychology...and above all, a healthy and mindful common sense.


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Markus Gruber

He, who realises opportunities - Trainer - Coach - Speaker - Founder of LeadingX

meaningfully moving PEOPLE • LeadingX10 • Lead & Coach • Sales-coaching • Sales-navigation • Time • Leading Purpose • CoSpirit • LeadNAV 360° • Coaching • X10plus

Uwe Pölzl

Trainer · Lecturer FH · Moderator · Speaker

Shaping CHANGE together • Fit for Change and Innovation • Acting agile • Lead & Coach • LeadingX10 • Cleverly organized • Time

Lisa Riedl

Coach - Shiatsu-therapist

successfully living mental and physical freedom • Coaching: recognising and freeing potential and fully utilising resources • SolutionXperience: experiencing new perspectives, expanding options, exceeding limits, thus achieving solutions • Bodywork and Shiatsu: well-being, joie de vivre, performance. Attitude creates demeanor.

Melissa Riedl

Trainer • Coach • Moderator

Generation Y, Z • Business-succession and handover • Coaching

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