Organisational-development, process-accompaniment and moderation

effective development-processes and powerful organisation-development

Effective development-processes and organisational-development...

...require the optimal interaction of the four dimensions..


...from the inner core -X: awareness, recognition, inspiration, intuition, creativity, WOW, wisdom and meaning


The LeadingX team

combines and integrates these 4 dimensions for decades, to your goal- and practice-oriented success!

Attitude and awareness: LeadingX - Xperience creates Xcellence


 Insights are lastingly anchored, through unique experiences. Transformation is initiated and implemented/ realised ... and realising is the main trophy!


Xcellence confident, active leading and acting, with supreme ease and  with inner calm and balance, at the same time. The basis for that is the right attitude.


.. stands for the ability to act "as well as". This unites apparent opposites and combines them in suitable balance.


 With the optimal transformations-culture Xdigital,  you can measure and evaluate your development-process

Agil, Innovation, Coaching, Innovationsmanager, Prozess, Begleitung, Agile, Führung, System, Management, Agile Kreaktion, Innovation, IAK


developing • leading  • successfully implementing

"When we lost sight of our goal and strategy, we doubled our efforts!" Unfortunately, this too often is a reality in organisations. Every company needs an attractive goal and an effective strategy. Not only the 'external' with its “facts and figures” has to be taken into account, but above all the 'internal' of people, i.e. thinking, attitudes, meaning and values. With the XNavi we navigate you in a simple and effective process to develop your strategy and  'fill it' with life.

auftanken, durchstarten, Verkauf, Verkäufer, Verhandeln, vereinbaren, Verhandlung, Seminar, Workshop

Meaningfully developing a Mission statement

What ACTUALLY are we doing here?!
Values • mission • vision • positioning • brand • strategy

It's not just about the know-how, but above all the know-why - the WHY. This creates clarity, orientation, inspiration. You become more attractive for employees and customers and you differ from your competitors. That is the key to your success. By focusing on talent and meaning, the employee fluctuation rate has been proven to be reduced by up to 44% and the productivity increased by up to 50%!

Coaching, Team, Führungsteam, Führung, Leadership, Workshop, Seminar, IAK Institut für Angewandte Kreativität

Company-handover, Generation-change

Using tradition • creating change • introducing innovation • safe-guarding the company

In many succession plans, different characteristics of generations and (unconscious) attitudes are often neglected or not taken into account at all. This has devastating consequences for everyone involved and for the company itself. Classic advice alone is often counterproductive in this scenario. We ensure a new awareness and strategically accompany your succession- and generation-change, in an attitude-oriented manner.

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Culture-change, Culture-development

Unity • We/us-feeling • Innovation

The attitude of an individual and the culture of the organisation are the roots of every success. Start radically at the root and adapt the company to the current challenges, through cultural-development and cultural-change and get it prepared for digital transformation. This enables sustainable development and growth.

Solution Experience, Kultur, Kulturentwicklung, Strategie, Entwicklung, Umsetzung, Management, Aufstellung, Reräsentant Solution Experience, Kultur, Kulturentwicklung, Strategie, Entwicklung, Umsetzung, Management, Aufstellung, Reräsentant, Coaching, Lösung, Wirklichkeit, Lisa Riedl, Coaching, Lösung, Wirklichkeit, Lisa Riedl

Sales-strategy and implementation

The best products, services ,ideas, intentions and concepts are in vain...

if they're not successfully communicated and sold. Together with you, we develop, shape and realise your successful sales-strategy. You realise noticeably better results ( turnover, profit, customer-enthusiasm, market-share...) and experiences (company-climate, employees-motivation, team-spirit...)/

Das Richtige, Synergie, Effizienz, richtig, tun, Systemverkauf, Kundenbindung, Marktanteil, erhöhen, Verkauf, Zeit, Zeitmanagement, Priorität, Wesentliche, Seminar

Mergers and Acquisitions

Unity • We/us-feeling • Energy-for-actions

Combining different attitudes and cultures and aligning them towards a common goal is crucial, to whether your acquisition is successful, or fails. With mind, heart and hand we accompany you on the levels of leadership, cooperation,  personal and mutual innovation. Xdigital supports the positioning-analysis, accompanies the process and evaluates the development-progress.

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