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“By far the best Executives-seminar I’ve experienced so far. Innovation through applied creativity: meaningful, practically orientated, lasting.” MG

Dr. Stefan Hamm, Board of Directors, Tyrol Equity

“Every executive should take time to experience a LeadingX- seminar and benefit from it! The development of our management team and sales people is outstanding.” MG

Dr. Werner Amort, CEO, Prinoth

“The actual seminar starts after the seminar, through daily applied entrepreneurial practice and performance. It is especially nice to see how our managers  are applying what they’ve learned, with enthusiasm and with lasting effect.” MG

Josef Margreiter, CEO, Tirolwerbung

“The fantastic layout and professional guidance throughout the seminar has a great effect. I’ve rarely experienced a seminar as highly beneficial as this one.” MG

Dr. Michael Brandl, CEO, Tirolwerbung

“LeadingX has thrilled me and directly prompted positive consequences, both, in my personal and professional life.  I’ve decided to also make attending seminars with Markus Gruber  possible, for my employees.” MG

Ing. Robert Tratter, Head of R&D Director, Felder Group

“I’m totally thrilled. After all the great training I’ve done so far – THIS is the highlight for my professional and private development !” MG

Mag. Stefan Suess, Department Chief Oberbank Salzburg – Lehen

“Wow!  The structure and content of  the LeadingX seminars always has been and still is fascinating for me. I am convinced that the seminar contents will positively stay with me throughout my life,  whether professionally or privately. Thank you for the many eye-opening experiences, as well as those that are still awaiting me.” MG

Günther Ramsebner, Project Manager, Kremsmüller

“Close shop for 2 days and put 40 employees and their bosses in a seminar to work out a ‘vision’ for the team?Is this possible? Is that a good idea? Is it going to pay off? With LeadingX and Uwe Poelzl – IT IS ! Everyone enjoys being at work a lot more, there is more appreciation in dealing with one another, and the team pulls in one direction! Everybody benefits from these positive effects, especially our clients!” UP

Raimund Eller, CEO Team Juenger Steuerberater

“This personality development seminar was probably the most coherent and dramatically best structured seminar that I have ever been part of!  Even my colleagues, who normally are most resistent to advice and adverse towards seminars, were enthusiastic about it.  Also top marks in terms of value for money. Markus Gruber is an ideal workshop leader for us:  he is authentic and practices what he teaches, and knows how to captivate the participants in his inimitable, unique way.”

Hubert Schaller, Board of Directors, Goldhofer

” I’ve done many seminars and teachings on a range of subjects ( self-management, problem solving, how to conduct discussions & so on).This seminar was so far the best and foremost most intense of all, which is great. Like that, its content also stays anchored within you.” MG

Ing. Christian Egger, Area Manager, CNT Management Consulting

“Many thanks for this exciting experience. Given the extraordinary methodology, this seminar has a lasting and potent effect.”  MG

Birgit Zenkl, Head of Supply Chain Management, Roche

” I’m normally sceptical and opposed to seminars of this kind. Now I’m totally surprised, even perplexed, how useful and beneficial the experience of this seminar turned out to be!” MG

Thomas Profunser, Entrepreneuer, McDonald`s

„After joining the TETA seminar I am overwhelmed by Markus Gruber‘s  outstanding abilities as a trainer, coach and salesmen! He is extremely passionate and authentic and finds the right methods, to open your eyes and take you to the next level in your private and professional life! “ MG

Florian Streiter, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Prinoth

“I wasn’t a great believer in the benefits of seminars, but had to change my opinion after participating in LeadingX seminars!  Now, I see and  experience many things from a different point of view, and I can really apply and use the realisations I made during the seminar for a successful professional and private life!” MG

Armin Chiesola, Sales Manager, Meusburger

“Very interesting, well structured, clear instructions, a great speaker, clear, humorous, rich in content, practice-orientated.  I can really recommend LeadingX – seminars to any company, which appreciates pro-active, as well as creative employees.” MG

Katleen Johne, Strategic Development Tirolwerbung

“I’ve attended many training seminars on different topics in the past, but LeadingX training were by far the best! The way the seminars convey content is unique and leads to many realisations/wow moments,  plus lasting changes and ways to optimise attitudes and behaviour – for myself as well as my team.” MG

Bastian Diebald, Vice President Business Management, Maquet

“Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to experience my first seminar with Markus Gruber. I still benefit from it to this day, and can make use of the insights and realizations of this seminar. Can the same be said about another seminar, after such a long time?” MG

Hubert Gaun, entrepreneur, Gaun und Partner

“Of the many top-class seminars that I have so far attended, the seminar of Markus Gruber was one of the best ever. Without exaggeration it was most probably THE most important seminar for me. Thank you Markus,  as with your experience in sales and leadership, you’ve offered me a lot of additional wow-effects, that we will definitely use in our company.” MG

Mag. Caroline Raffl, Head of Human Resources, Tyrolean insurance

“LeadingX seminars should be a lot more expensive, considering the lasting benefits they provide for my professional, public and private life! I highly recommend LeadingX to anyone, who wants to move forward and make use of opportunities. A great investment!” MG

Roland Unterlercher, Entrepreneur, Sport Unterlercher

“This seminar was indeed a very useful EXPERIENCE!  You really didn’t promise too much! On a personal level I’ve benefited enormously, and we now have set up the ideal basis to shape the development of our internal management. Thank you very much!” MG

Alexander Ploner, Head of HR LEITNER – PRINOTH – DEMACLENKO

“I’ve been to many different seminars, but none had such a lasting effect as this Seminar ‘Clever organised’! The topics stayed in my head because they where presented in such an entertaining, varied and yet convincing way! An investment well-worth taking.” UP

Alexander Draxl, Sales Manager, Berger Automotive

“LeadingX has so far been one of the most interesting and valuable experiences in my life!  It’s striking how beneficial it has been for my professional life, as well as on a personal level.” MG

Mag. Ing. Wolfgang Sief, Entrepreneuer, SIKO SOLAR

“One can judge a workshop at best after a few weeks. Thus let me express my deepest respect and appreciation of our workshop with you, Markus. Your ‘inserting’ of most vital elements, of personality and of attitude, have been and are especially valuable.” MG

Christoph Bründl, CEO, Sport Bründl

“I’ve attended many seminars before, but LeadingX seminars are entirely different and unique: they are educational, active and lively, getting to the point with precision, and above all they have a lasting, positive effect.” MG

Roman Kober, Salesman, Roto Dach- und Solartechnologie

Since the seminar I detected a lot of determination and energy in my environment based on clarity and calm . I also feel and act like that. Privately and professionally I’ve already initiated the first projects and changes!” MG

Gerhard Mair, Head of IT, Pfeifer

“The strategy-workshop was once again a great success for all of us. Thank you for two eventful and intensive seminar days. The response and time given to our company structure and the collective working for the company’s catalog of measures has inspired and equally motivated, everyone..  The unanimous wish of all participants; this should be an annual event.  We’re already looking forward to next time.” UP

Hermann Spiegl, CEO Spiegltec

“Thank you for a new ‘clarity’ -shown through a new lens of perception. For a long  time I haven’t observed and seen my surroundings in such a clear and conscious manner!” MG

Nicole Biedermann, Senior Manager Human Resources, Datacon – Besi

“Thank you for the variety of magic moments over these last few days. It truly was one of our best workshops for a very long time!!! Our motto of playfully creating and adding value has been brilliantly implemented.” MG

Christoph Bründl, CEO Sport Bründl

“I’ve been to quite a few good seminars, but LeadingX is unique. Not only theoretical learning but with lots of energy, making use of this experience in your professional and private daily life!” MG

Philipp Lehmann, Head Of International Sales bei Cura Marketing GmbH

“LeadingX: Top-class seminars with a lot of content, that I can use perfectly in my own everyday life. The perspective highlighted through these seminars to take self-responsibility and behave accordingly, is simply brilliant, with the content and different themes perfectly staged and directed by the trainer. A huge THANK YOU!’ MG

Mario Schindlmayr, CEO Würth

“…what a great addition to the one sided expertise universities and colleges teach. The experience of the seminar makes the challenges of career and private life developments a lot easier. Thank you for this formidable experience!” UP

Matin Siding, CFO, Konstant Investment, SAV

“I’ve attended many seminars in the past and actually I had no desire to take part of another: too theoretical, boring, too little practical use.  But since I took part of LeadingX seminars, I’ve learned of  completely different kind of development impulses: full of energy, practice-orientated and above all, of lasting usefulness!  My colleagues  shared the same experience.  Before the first seminar they felt skepticism, generally questioned the general use of the seminar. Whereas after the seminar, their insights were anchored, practically implemented, with their Team spirit reignited. Please let’s have more of it!” MG

Christof Peer, CEO ASH Aebi-Schmidt

“Inspiring, without any ‘Voodoo’ tricks, but with lots of realisations, I can use professionally and in my private life, on a daily basis !”MG

Dietmar Gstrein, Board of Directors, Tyrol Equity, Konstant

“Simply ingenious. The combination of realizations, insights and immediate implementation of DOING, which showed already during the seminar the FULL EFFECT of: Developing visions, clear definition of goals and breaking new ground.” MG

Josef Kurz, CEO Kurz Projekt GmbH

“LeadingX is a convincing combination of sharing knowledge and practical application to further personal development. The impact of the seminar shows a lasting positive change in the way we perceive, evaluate and deal with situations. I’ve rarely participated in a more impressive and profitable seminar!” MG

Achim Schulz, Senior Vice President HR, Corporate Human Resources, AL-KO KOBER AG

“It really astonishes me,  how this seminar positively changed my  perception of problems, as well as my problem solving skills!  Again, my compliments for the professional way the seminar was conducted. I’m looking forward to the follow on dates.” MG

Richard Felix, CEO – GA Actuation Systems GmbH

“At LeadingX,  I was finally able to experience and implement a perfectly structured, really professional process of leadership. Thank you also for the warm guidance and support during the seminar.” MG

Mag. Marion Schöndorfer, Businessacademy, Chamber for economy Tyrol, WIFI

“I’m always pleased to hear the extremely positive feedback about your seminar. The actual seminar starts when we put the content of the seminar into daily practice, and is tangible in our communication as well as our actions. This supports an ongoing process of learning and development. Thank you!” MG

Daniela Angius, Department Manager Human Resources, Würth International AG, Chur

“No other seminar has conveyed its content in such extremely interesting and exciting form. Despite its intensity, I felt like I was on vacation. I realized with increased clarity, that the basis for every success depends on one’s own attitude, as well as our own reactions.” MG

Alexander Foki, sales director, WO&WO

“Once again I’m exited to see with how much ‘ease’ and yet with  what intense ‘drive’ your seminars take place. LeadingX- seminars work like the cogwheels of a clock.” MG

Walter Berger, sales director, Roto

“From all colleagues -positive feedback.  Everyone – newly motivated. The active involvement of the superiors as well as the practical relevance, were imperative.  What’s essential is that these two days of training prove to be a success, even in concrete numbers.  As of February 23rd, we have already won more new customers that in the entire previous year. (and at the end of the same year,  the number of new customers more than quadrupled, in comparison to the previous year!) ” MG

Karl Frenzel, head of division, Prokurist, Würth

“I told my boss, that in the past we could have saved the money spent on some other seminars, if we would have signed up for a LeadingX seminar in the first place! Reason enough to say thank you very much again for the great time at the seminar. With your sense of humour, your calm and at all times focused manner during the seminar,  you took us on a great journey !” MG

Dieter Korger, leader, Bayer CropScience AG

“Especially in times, when you believe to be swimming against the current, realizations, like the ones I experienced in the LeadingX  seminar, are truly valuable. It brought a lasting, positive change for me!” MG

Roland Furthmayr, Key-Account-Manager, Würth

“Fact: Every LeadingX seminar is a lot more than just a seminar!!!” MG

Elisabeth Rendl, Head of HR, Bründl Sport

“This was the best thing happening to me in my life!  Honoring, appreciative, exciting and giving me many different realizations.  These realizations I will be able to make use of,  for the rest of my days,  – professionally as well as in my private life. For the time spent on this seminar,  I have since been rewarding many times over.” MG

Andreas Moreau, Entrepreneur, Moreau Fashion and Sports

“…held my attention throughout,really educational, giving me lots of joy and motivation. Full of energy I’m eager to go and totally relaxed at the same time!  This impressive, motivational energy works for me and also those I’m delegating !” MG

Eva Maria Mann, Head of HR, Demmeler

“This seminar has definitely been one of the best seminars, I have ever experienced. based on the impressive training concept and the trainer’s personality of Markus Gruber. One year has gone by, since I’ve participated the seminar, and I am still enthused about the lasting effects this has offered me.” MG

Manfred Waldauf, CFO, Prolicht

“I’ll add this feedback with great pleasure. After having done a lot of seminars, I’m convinced there are no others that surpass the quality of seminars, led by Markus Gruber  !!!!” MG

Elmar Grimm, Entrepreneur, Raumdesign Grimm

“These were definitely four insightful and exciting days for me; – a seminar that produced the most lasting, beneficial results for me, to date.” MG

Florian Riepe, Director Marketing, SPORTFIVE

“This seminar was a great and really most informative experience, which showed me a lot of new positive perspectives !”MG

Dr. Thomas Wörndle, attorney at law

“Many thanks for this amazing, really great seminar. I am ecstatic!!!” MG

Daniela Niederwolfsgruber, STOCK resort, assistance CEO

“I’ve done many seminars in the past and not all of those have been great, so I was quite sceptical at the beginning of this one ! As the seminar progressed, my enthusiasm grew and I started really enjoying it. It turned out to be an extraordinarily interesting, brilliant seminar, during which I learned new things and refreshed existing knowledge !” MG

Schimmerl Kurt, CEO, Schwöller

“I have known Markus Gruber as leadership coach in our hotel, for many years. As his participants aka our guests always were thrilled and enthusiastic, I became curious and also signed up for a LeadingX-seminar. The seminar offered me not only vital but essential tools for my not always easy everyday life at work, and I have been successfully using the given tools, for years now. I have not only learned a huge amount during these teaching days but made unique experiences, that I will never forget. Deeper experiences, unlike with other seminars, where the effect starts to already dissolve again the following day. My employees were equally simply thrilled and enthused, – so this was a well worth investment, which my company will continue to benefit from.” MG

Maria Ammerhauser, entrepreneur, Hotel Ammerhauser

“Great experience and valuable information –  the next step of our development – professionally done . Thank you!” MG

Berthold Porath, CEO of Dornier Museum

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