to move people meaningfully

You experience how you, from your inner centre - (X) -  on the basis of attitudes and conscious awareness,  -  are self-aware and confident in leadership.  sensibly move people (forward) and realise your desired results and experiences.

The effectiveness of managers is decisive for the success of any organisation.

Increasingly shorter product cycles, a shortage of skilled workers, less operational readiness, globalisation and completely new motivation for work, are just a few of the conditions that make us face completely new challenges.

Yet, rigid management models and outdated management methods are not part of the solution, but contribute to the actual problem!  Management is  also subject to constant change.  Rather than demanding innovative employees, we need to have innovative managers. A manager, who is not only a good specialist or leader, but someone who guides and coaches people in an inspired manner, and consequently develops co-entrepreneurs.

Leadership is THE advantage of competition and means firstly,  leading yourself.  If we want to manage  (people, employees, projects, customers), we must first be able to manage ourselves.


Typical questions

  • How can I guide and motivate myself and others in times of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and be successful with ease?
  • How can I discover meaning and live by vocation, talents and branding?
  • How do I promote a culture in which everyone thinks and acts responsibly, like a co-entrepreneur?
  • How can an openness to new things as well as a willingness to learn and change, be promoted?
  • How can motivation, performance and health be maintained, under great time pressure as well as pressure to produce results?

LeadingX - services: experience change...

  • from yesterday's demeanour to current attitudes
  • from obsolete patterns and automatism to innovation
  • from management to leadership
  • from employees to co-entrepreneurs
  • from  being reserved and needing to be right, to open-mindedness, curiosity and flexibility
  • from duty by the book and de-motivation to motivation, inspiration and professional calling

Your success

Committed managers and co-entrepreneurs achieve the desired results and experiences, with the right attitude.

LeadingX-services in competence of leadership & personality

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Xperience (experience) of high-performance leadership

During the seminar X10, you integrate your understanding of lasting leadership on the level of attitudes and awareness, which contributes to your professional and personal success. With these 10 realisations for relaxed yet agile actions, you'll experience approaches to more self-motivation, clarity, serenity and courage. The interests of the company are realigned with personal needs and values.


Lead & Coach

Inspire, manage and coach people and develop them into Co-entrepreneurs.

With an incompetent manager, good employees leave! ... or don't turn up in the first place!  With Lead&Coach good employees arrive and stay, and subsequently evolve into energetic co-entrepreneurs!  Leadership is THE competitive advantage!

Leading purpose

Discovering meaning, professional calling, talents and living by your brand.

The more meaning you recognise in your work, the greater your energy, your joy and your performance.  The connection to your own core and to your inner destiny is an inexhaustible energy reservoir that inspires and motivates!  Then the company is also significantly more successful and attractive - for customers and employees!  Success is what happens when you follow your own lead.

Leading Navigation - Coaching

Leadership style analysis, individual development, solution and realisation of goals

Leading/Navigation is a powerful yet simple tool to measure and develop leadership and communications.  Contents: Self-image, external image, Clarity about expectations, strengths and weaknesses, communication development, feedback-culture, analysis and development of leadership-patterns, bottlenecks and potentials, recognising and utilising them, making the atmosphere at the work place visible and resolve conflicts constructively.

seminar-x10, Xperience, Xcellence, Change, Xacademy, Ausbildungsprogramm, Einstellung, Bewusstsein, Team, X, Trainer, Energie, Leadership, LeadingX.com LeadingX, Ziel, Sinn

Individual coaching

Individual development • change • solution

A coach is a goal-oriented companion when it comes to realising your request or solving a current problem.  Coaching opens up new perspectives and alternatives, promotes your own development and stimulates your own initiative.  This leads to the implementation of the available resources and the achievement of your goals.

seminar-x10, Xperience, Xcellence, Change, Xacademy, Ausbildungsprogramm, Einstellung, Bewusstsein, Team, X, Orientierung, Leadership, LeadingX.com LeadingX, Ziel, Durchbruch Mentalcoaching

Mental coaching

Winning stems from the mind!

The mental state decides about success and failure, joy and suffering, often even about health and illness.  Mental coaching has long been the basis of every top achievement in sport. Start your own mental fitness program. The big advantage: mental qualities can be learned, promote self-development and stimulate self-initiative.  Potentials and talents are released, resources implemented and set goals, achieved from within.

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Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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