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Here you will find a selection of LeadingX services in different categories. Get inspired! Together with you, we will create your development program, goal-oriented and individually designed for you. Contact us at your convenience, and we’ll be happy to design your success-program.

Career-model for managers

Integrally coordinated modules - learning with mind, heart and hand. Both, young and experienced managers benefit enormously. Cross-departmental peer-groups are formed. Self-learning processes are initiated. Dynamic turnover and profit growth. The corporate culture gets further developed and strengthened.

Playfully added value

Workshop and nature-experience at the highest level!  With playfully added value, ​​growing from a very good to an exceptional top-company.   Anchored and above all, experienced values ​​produce worth. All participants recognise their contribution and their responsibility for employer branding.  The company's image for potential applicants/employees continues to improve.

From co-workers to co-entrepreneurs

Creatively-active and self-responsible co-entrepreneurs are the basis to overcome challenges.  Initiating projects and creative actions, courageously leading and moving forward, recognising connections and making use of synergies.  Developing visions and coordinating concrete goals, finding innovative solutions, planning and structuring them in concrete terms, implementing and controlling them as a team.

Innovation, through a newly opened mind

Developing from someone, who thinks only of problems, to someone who realises and manifests opportunities. Someone, who realizes opportunities solves challenges innovatively and on his/her own initiative.  Demanding and promoting innovation, communication and teamwork and thus further securing and expanding previous successes. Endless justifications and blame for mistakes and failures, as well as the associated loss of time, are eliminated.

Trade fair training - customer enthusiasm

Every trade-fair customer knows of some overwhelmed, halfheartedly acting, badly motivated, stressed trade fair advisor and of their 'scaring-customers-away-program'. Only enthusiastic and motivated salespeople can really differentiate themselves from the competitors, gain new customers and increase turnover and profits.

Selling, with the Sales-navigation system

Playfully and with joy;  selling - negotiating - arranging - earning.  All-including package of consulting-oriented sales, optimising system-sales, build up of knowledge-management for successful sales. From tedious and competitive pricing- led product-sales, to strategic solution-oriented system-sales. The sales-navigation system navigates reliably and with supreme ease, to the sales-target.

Two workshops - a 1000 ideas

Innovation as a result of attitudes, methods and processes. Creative techniques to find and invent solutions.  Familiarize yourself with the X-navigation system and the most essential methods, in different phases.  Over 1000 ideas are developed step by step.  Initiating and manifesting decisions, detail-planning and the process of implementation.

Creativity and innovation

Exceeding limits, finding and creating concrete solutions, and to realise them through "Xperience to Xcellence" (experience to excellence). Experience, how creativity and innovation can be highly productive and joyfully implemented. Everyone benefits from a new mindset (thought patterns) and the imparted techniques of innovation. This is the basis for further innovation-advance.

Health/Well-being starts in the mind

Attitude and awareness for positive and healthy behavioural- and thought-patterns. From knowing about health-topics to implement them. From gigantic knowledge without implementation-competence to masterful use of it. The existing but hidden knowledge, is finally applied. Each participant takes away, exactly what brings the greatest benefit, to promote their health and well-being.

Time-and self-management

Doing the right thing right and with wholesome self-management, making more of your time. awareness and balance in all my areas of life, clarity of objectives, how to set 'fail-proof' goals.
Focusing on the essentials, setting priorities, effectiveness, recognise and eliminate 'time-wasters.' Instead of stress and pressure, work-planning, overview and success.

Future leadership and sales

Superiors are appointed - managers are elected! Clarity and common understanding about the duty and functions of an effective manager, self-evaluation, feedback and adjustment of expectation and self-evaluation, initiate and maintain self learning-processes, lower fluctuation, clearly increase customer loyalty and motivation.

Successful handover of a company

Development of leadership competencies in the area of ​​personality.  Focus: attitude and awareness.  Enabling a change of perspective.  "The handover of the business went flawless, for everyone involved.  A decisive criteria for this experience,  was a very different attitude and an open, respectful, cross-generational basis of communication."


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