Individual and flexible coaching

Development, solution and goal-realisation, through individual- or team-coaching

Individual coaching

At some stage, in a globalised, digital and fast-paced world, we're confronted with performance-demands, that are beyond our physical, mental or psychological capabilities. Managing oneself and others well, is sometimes difficult.

Emotionally charged confrontations, crises of meaning, psychological stress and conflicts, as a consequence of constant changes, aren't rare occurrences. It can be energetically draining, to face the paradoxes of everyday work-live and deal with self-doubt and resistance within yourself and from others.

Increasingly, more people decide to actively influence their living- and working-quality, with professional coaching.



The advantage of team-coaching is, that all members of the team participate in the problem-solving-process. Like that, the competences of everyone are utilised and solutions are carried by all.

The objectives of the coach are to ensure constructive cooperation, ask the right questions, provide feedback from an external perspective and to offer psychological tools and instruments for analysis.


A coach

accompanies you goal-orientated in realising your concerns, or in solving current problems. Coaching is as suitable for preparation of future tasks and changes, as for the solution-oriented handling of already (for a while) existing challenges, problems or concerns.


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Individual coaching

Individual development • change • solution

A coach is a goal-oriented companion, when it comes to realising your request or solving a current problem. Coaching opens up new perspectives and alternatives, is goal-oriented, promotes your own development and stimulates your own initiative. This leads to the implementation of the available resources and the achievement of your goals.

LeadNAV 360°

Leadership-style analysis, optimisation digitally and through coaching

Leading/Navigation is a powerful yet simple tool from Xdigital, to measure and develop leadership and communications. Contents: Self-image, external-image, clarity about expectations, as well as strengths and weaknesses, feedback-culture, analysis and development of leadership-patterns, recognising and utilising bottlenecks and potentials, making the atmosphere at the work place visible, and resolve conflicts constructively.

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Winning starts in the mind!

Our mental state decides about success or failure, joy or suffering, often even about health or illness. Mental-coaching has long been the basis of all top performances in sport. Start your own mental fitness program. The big advantage: mental-qualities can be learned. Mental coaching promotes your own development and stimulates self-initiative. Potentials and talents are released, existing resources are implemented and set goals are achieved from within.

Leading purpose

Discovering meaning, professional calling, talents and living by your brand.

The more meaning you recognise in your work, the greater your energy, your joy and your performance.  The connection to your own core and to your inner destiny is an inexhaustible energy reservoir that inspires and motivates!  Then the company is also significantly more successful and attractive - for customers and employees!  Success is what happens when you follow your own lead.

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Selling  • Negotiating •  Arranging • Earning   

Moving and thrilling people • overcoming resistance • realising goals • establishing lasting partnerships

The best products, services, ideas, intentions, plans, and concepts are in vain, if they are not successfully communicated and sold. If you are aware of the relevant attitudes and know the methods and techniques, you will sell, negotiate, make agreements and earn money in a playful, flawless and joyful way. The sales-navigation system navigates you reliably and confidently to your sales target.


Concrete analysis and practice-oriented development in customer-environment

Sales-coaching is the concrete process of individual support of a single sales-person or a sales-team, at the customer's site and in coaching. Attitudes- and behavioural patterns are realised and expand strengths. Weaknesses are recognised and are transformed into new opportunities. The result: more joy in selling, flawless, enthusiastic sales and sustainable turnover-and profit growth.

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TEAM - total commitment of all members

Team coaching ensures constructive cooperating together, as all members of the team participate in the problem-solving-process. Like that, the competences of everyone are utilised, and solutions are carried by all. This results in: synergy instead of competition, dialogue instead of monologue, self-initiative instead of duty by the book, appreciation and a pleasant work-climate, in which people are motivated and like to work.

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Analysis, evaluation and development of relationships and networks

How much time, joy and energy are lost in your organisation, due to open or hidden tension, friction and conflicts!? ...and how many employees are lost through this!? TeamNAV (team-navigation) analyses and develops task-oriented collaboration AND emotional relationships - the work-climate. Potentials are recognized, differences and conflicts are solved constructively, stable networks and high-performance teams arise.

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Real-time analysis, monitoring and coaching of employee-enthusiasm and the atmosphere among the team

Dissatisfied employees lead to dissatisfied customers and insufficient performance.  With the System Navigator SysNAV you get a mighty tool, through which you can carry out continuous employees-questionnaires, monitor corperate-climate and employee-satisfaction and improve it sustainably. You're saving costs, anger and the hassle of customer-complaints, through decreasing employees-turnover. SysNav: Employee-satisfaction and the atmosphere among the team, are measured continuously and in real time.  You're aware of 'the pulsation' of your company, at any given time.

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