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  • current neuro-biological and social-sciences research-findings, in combination with timeless wisdom
  • 35 years of international practice-experience
  • the expertise, by holding thousands of seminars, coaching, workshops and development-processes
  • and our vocation and personal enthusiasm, how people self-consciously and with the right attitude, realise the essence of leadership, cooperation and innovation.


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Seminar LeadingX10

High-performance leadership and change Xperience

During the seminar LeadingX10, you integrate your understanding of lasting leadership on the level of attitudes and awareness, contributing to your professional and personal success.  With these 10 realisations for relaxed yet agile actions, you'll experience approaches to more self-motivation, clarity, serenity and courage.  The interests of the company are realigned with personal needs and values.

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Lead & Coach

Inspire, manage and coach people and develop them into Co-entrepreneurs. 

With an incompetent manager, good employees leave! ... or don't turn up in the first place!  With Lead&Coach good employees arrive and stay, and subsequently evolve into energetic co-entrepreneurs!  Leadership is THE competitive advantage!

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Leading Purpose

Discovering meaning, professional calling, talents and living by your brand.

The more meaning you recognize in your work, the greater your energy, your joy and your performance.The connection to your own core and to your inner destiny is an inexhaustible energy reservoir that inspires and motivates!Then the company is also significantly more successful and attractive -for customers and employees! Success is what happens when you follow your own lead.

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Effectively cooperating and developing high-performing teams 

You experience how you can, through active conscious cooperation- and relation-management, encourage the performance- and learning-ability of your team or organisation. The results: cooperation instead of single-minded-thinking, energetic action instead of conflicts, seam-interfaces instead of cut-interfaces, trust and efficiency instead of time and energy wasting, motivation and high performance teams instead of duty by the book.

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Moving and thrilling people, overcoming resistance, realising goals, establishing lasting partnerships

Selling Negotiating Arranging Earning

The best products, services, ideas, intentions and concepts are in vain, if they are not successfully communicated and sold. If you are aware of the relevant attitudes and know the methods and techniques, you will sell, negotiate, make agreements and earn money in a playful, flawless and joyful way. The Sales-navigation navigates you reliably and confidently to your goals.

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LeadingX10 Passion for Selling & Service

Selling actively and authentically with the right attitude and thrilling customers with joyful service

Competition is becoming more intense, customers more demanding and the products more interchangeable. The quality of attitudes and awareness, that sales-people have towards their profession, their company, products and customers, decides on success or failure. The result: committed sales-people, who actively sell as co-entrepreneurs, inspire customers and achieve stable customer-loyalty, thus make a decisive contribution to the company's success.

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Leading X10Plus

Realising the art of management and living with supreme ease

We live in a state of 'way-to-much', in a complex corporate environment, full of conflicting goals, performance requirements and changes. With the impressive WOWs of X10Plus, you can confidently control and in a relaxed manner, regard projects and employees with clarity, strength, presence and supreme ease... with10!

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Create a balance in all areas of your life, manifest many of your goals, and gain more time for the essentials.

With the help of the X-navigation, you will become aware of your personal patterns and therefore integrate solution-strategies. You experience how you can manage yourself more efficiently, manage and coach yourself, that in balance and retrospect you'll gain-time. Thus you can also lead others more effectively. You navigate confidently and with supreme ease, towards your professional (and personal) goals.

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Fit for Change and Innovation

Mindset and tools; how you can master change and expand your innovative lead.

Understanding how processes of change work and what triggers them.Helpful attitudes for and during change. Acknowledging the human aspect of resistance and motivation, and learning to deal with resistance A "tool-box", with tried and tested interventions, in order to generate innovative solutions.

agil agieren, agil, agieren, leadingx, Seminar, offen, Führungskräfte, Führungskräfteentwicklung

Acting Agile

Project-management for dynamic times

Classic project-management fails miserably in a complex, fast-moving world.Two thirds of all projects fail!A new environment also requires new and agile skills. Being agile isn't a new method but is about a trusting, cooperative attitude and effective methods in project-management.This is the only way to master changes and challenges.

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The energetic and efficient manager.

No more stress about work-life imbalance, exhaustion and signs of burnout!Vitality: Realisations and experiences on how you can reach, contain and expand vitality, resilience, relaxation and physical as well as mental health. Because those who are fit, vital and full of energy are more innovative, more productive and consistently efficient.... and lead a better life! Management, XNavi, Leadership, Ziel, Idee, Kreativität, Innovation, Seminar, Coaching

Cleverly organised

Self-management and establishing a structure for overview, organisation and time-saving.

You will experience very concrete, tried-and-tested procedures, how you can master challenges better, with clear time-management and improved self-organisation, and how you canget better control on your tasks.Results: time-saving, less stress, significantly better work results and performance.

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