Realising opportunities together

We support you in how you'll recognise change as an opportunity, together find&create solutions, improve what already exists, create something new and courageously manifest opportunities.

Advantage and added value through co-innovation and change

We all live in a dynamic environment, characterized by constant changes with ever new challenges and opportunities. Especially right now, the innovation of products, services, processes and business models turns out to be a survival factor.  The ability to collectively improve something already in existence and to create something new, is essential for current and future success.

Typical questions

  • How can we constructively master the current challenges?
  • How do we create a work climate for innovation, in which employees contribute with their own ideas?
  • How do we find brilliant ideas that secure an advantage through their uniqueness?
  • How do we develop innovative products and services?
  • How can we benefit from customers' problems, requirements and ideas, in regard to our innovations?
  • How can we break or redefine the rules of our market?

Our services aim to...

  • find common ground and meaning, agreed-upon goals, responsibility and commitment.
  • provide a mindset and tools, to master change and expand your innovation-lead.
  • create and realise strategies.
  • develop innovations and lead them to success.
  • manage projects in dynamic times.


Your benefits

Agile, self-organising teams, effective changes and successful projects.  Advance and added-value through innovation.


LeadingX - services

Fit for change and innovation

Mindset and tools;  how you can master change and expand your innovative lead.

Understanding how processes of change work and what triggers them.  Helpful attitudes for and during change. Acknowledging the human aspect of resistance and motivation, and learning to deal with resistance.  A "tool-box", with tried and tested interventions, in order to generate innovative solutions.

Acting agile

Project-management for dynamic times

Classic project-management fails miserably in a complex, fast-moving world.  Two thirds of all projects fail!  A new environment also requires new and agile skills.  Being agile isn't a new method but is about a trusting, cooperative attitude and effective methods in project-management.  This is the only way to master changes and challenges

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Xperience (experience) of high-performance leadership

During the seminar X10, you integrate your understanding of lasting leadership on the level of attitudes and awareness, contributing to your professional and personal success.  With these 10 realisations for relaxed yet agile actions, you'll experience approaches to more self-motivation, clarity, serenity and courage.  The interests of the company are realigned with personal needs and values.

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

Any questions?

... we are always happy to help