Your career as a trainer, coach, speaker and entrepreneur

Are you thinking of a professional alternative? Do you want to do something meaningful? Do you have talent for, and feel the vocation to accompany, train and coach people?

Your possibility as a coach - trainer - seminar-leader - entrepreneur

  • Do you have talent for, and feel the vocation to accompany, train and coach people?
  • Do you want to move yourself and other people, shape change and realise opportunities?
  • Do you want to do something meaningful?
  • Do you enjoy letting people, teams and organisations experience, how one can achieve the essentials of leadership, cooperation and innovation, with the right attitude?
  • Are you thinking of a professional alternative?
  • Do you want to develop yourself further as a trainer or coach?
  • Are you tired of wandering about as a one (woman) man act, developing products alone in a quiet, small chamber, attempting to survive against regional and global organisations?
  • Do you work “by yourself and constantly” and, in addition to product-development, marketing, advertising, PR, acquisition, website, social media etc. etc. etc, you have too little time for the most important thing - your customers?
  • Would you like to earn well as a trainer, coach, speaker, be self-employed, independent and free?

To strengthen our team, we are open to (co-) entrepreneurs and experts with an interesting background. who implement our training- and consulting fields excellently and further develop them, based on the LeadingX approach. It is not only about a "job", but about training, coaching, lectures and organizational-development as a real vocation. As a LeadingX partner, you have an independent status and generally work full-time with the LeadingX brand. "Your" LeadingX.

You benefit from...

  • an intensive Trainer-coach-speaker training to the extent of 10 modules of 3 days each worth € 12,000 - free for LeadingX experts!
  • individual support tailored to you, on-boarding, training and mentoring
  • You have access to all LeadingX training and coaching programs such as LeadingX10 Leadership Xperience, TIME, SALES-Navigation, CoSpirit, LeadNAV , all Xacademy programs and much more, at your disposal.
  • Readily designed, jointly developed by Xperten, optimised over decades and proven a hundred times, with documents, presentations, videos, experiments, staged with LeadingX focus. Because Xperience creates Xcellence (experience creates excellence).
  • all previous development programs, organisational development und case studies.
  • an international corporate identity, a professional website, webmail, social media channels and protected brands.
  • Support in the acquisition - especially in the initial phase such as: using the LeadingX-customer-files, advice, cross-selling, joint customer visits, sales-coaching etc.
  • all texts and designs for advertising and marketing measures: flyers, brochures, websites, press articles, transcripts, protocols, offers etc.
  • training, exchange of experience, coaching and supervision in meetings with experts
  • joint product developments and optimisations
  • and above all: a team of experts, with a common focus, meaning, mission and vision.

In addition, we will also support you on your way to self-employment: We will advise you on legal issues of self-employment, build on your service-focus, based on your talents and your vocation, and strengthen your trainer-, coach or speaker-branding.

Energie, Motivation, Problemlösung, Innovation, Kreativität, IAK Seminar, Workshop

The best of both worlds: Xcross

Our structure offers the best of the two worlds: "free network" and "a firm bond". So on the one hand you benefit from the freedom and personal responsibility of an independent entrepreneur, and at the same time you can fall back on the know-how and the possibilities of an international training-company.
The billing for all LeadingX services is done, using a simple and attractive licensing-system.
LeadingX> Xperience creates Xcellence (experience creates excellence) is the best way to get to know and benefit from the Leadership Xperience LeadingX10.
If this sounds enticing to you and you identify with LeadingX,  contact us now and apply or reserve your place in the Seminar LeadingX10.

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