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LeadingX - XLabor
Marktstraße 29
A- 6230 Brixlegg

Lisa Riedl +43 664 511 34 60

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Lead, Listen, Leadership, Führungskraft, Seminar, Workshop, Kommunikation, Nachwuchsführungskraft, Ausbildung
Team, Entwicklung, Motivation, Teamklima, Konflikt, Kooperation, Meeting, Besprechung, Spirit,


In addition to the right attitude, the right environment is the crucial factor for problem solving, performance and innovation.  The environment acts as a catalyst and has profound influence on the creative process.  With the XLabor (X-laboratory) we offer you a smart and unique ambiance for individuals and teams, to improve what already exists and create something new.  Solving problems means to let go of problems! 


from the necessary distance to everyday (office)life, you experience how....:

  • other thought patterns arise in a different atmosphere
  • blockages dissolve
  • you become more flexible and agile
  • your mind de-clutters and opens up, to generate new ideas
  • you playfully create something new
  • synergy gets created through open communication
  • you  relax, feel good and recharge your batteries
  • you allow potentials to unfold


The X-laboratory is the ideal environment for

  • Individual and team coaching, training, seminars, workshops, structural constellations, learning circles
  • conferences, meetings of all kind, discussions
  • ideas-development, innovation circles, creative meetings
  • presentations, inspiring movies with wow-effect, interactive keynote speeches
  • A special meeting with your employees or customers  etc.


X-laboratory offers the following rooms for: yirtual tour

  • coaching-sessions
  • dialogue lounge
  • Innovation-laboratory/fun-laboratory
  • infotheque
  • foyer

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We're located 1 minute away from the motor-way exit, Brixlegg-Kramsach, or 3minutes walking distance from Brixlegg trainstation - approximately halfway between Innsbruck and Kufstein
...or equally halfway between, Munich-Bozen, Linz-Zurich, Stuttgart-Graz, Milano-Prague, Nuremberg-Venice, Hamburg-Rome 😉

LeadingXLabor, A 6230 Brixlegg in Tirol, Marktstraße 29, Austria
(building of Sparkasse, rear entrance, 2nd floor)
please contact: Lisa Riedl, +43 664 511 34 60,

Free short-term parking zone directly in front of the XLabor, for one hour or indefinitely and free of charge: Römerstraße 6, after the shop "Mode Conny"
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