shaping change together

We connect people, shape their collective reality and team-culture, open up new synergies and accompany them on the way to become self-organising teams.

We support authentic sales and promote lasting (customer-)cooperation.

Without cooperation no innovation - IQ  v  WeQ

The more complex and quicker our world gets. the more important cooperation becomes. Especially when pressure increases, constant changes happen and it depends on everyone pulling in the same direction, at the same time.

The powers of common reality, self-organised teams and living co-creativity, are the basis to fully unfold synergy-potentials and withstand in competition.

The goal for everybody is realising, that they are a unique individual as well as a part of the big unit. Everybody is a member of the orchestra and a soloist at the same time, For great performances a balance and situational use of cooperative teamwork AND strong individual performances are essential. IQ v WeQ

Everything is - SALES - is everything

What's the use of being good and innovative, if others sell (themselves) better? Every company, manager and all employees, are (also) sales-people, motivating and convincing internal and external customers. The best ideas, products, services and concepts are in vain, if not successfully communicated and sold, at the decisive right moment.

Whoever is aware of the right attitude and masters the basic rules, methods and techniques required, will turn sales-pitch and presentations, into 'magic moments'! Because, only enthusiastic employees make it possible, to have enthusiastic customers.

Typical questions

  • How do we sort out single minded-thinking, egoism and solve conflicts, to create high performance teams?
  • How do we develop cross-departmental cooperation and feedback-culture?
  • How do we deal with diversity and use different 'points of view' of team-members?
  • How can we create a corporate-culture, where change is utilised as an opportunity?
  • How can we place products and services on the market, quickly and successful?
  • How can we still sell profitably in saturated markets, with strong competition and price-pressure?
  • How can we promote authentic sales, create solution- and system-sales and build up lasting partnerships with customers?

LeadingX-services focus on

  • System-awareness and co-spirit instead of daily, withdrawn single minded-thinking
  • Cooperation and seam-interfaces instead of partition-thinking and cut-interfaces
  • Action-energy instead of conflicts
  • Enthusiasm instead of duty by the book
  • Use of synergy-potentials and knowledge-management
  • Self-organising and agile teams, instead of bureaucracy and frozen structure


Us-feeling, trust and conflict-ability, seam-interfaces instead of cut-interfaces, team-spirit, increased turnover and customer-loyalty.


LeadingX-services in the competence of cooperation , team & sales


Developing high performance teams and effective cooperating

You experience how to promote, with active, conscious cooperation and relationship management, performance-and learning-ability of your team or your organisation. The results: Cooperation instead of single-minded thinking, action-energy instead of conflicts, seam-interfaces instead of cut-interfaces, trust and efficiency instead of lost time and energy, motivation and high performance teams instead of duty by the book.


To excite people, overcome resistance, realise goals and build customer-relations
selling • negotiating • arranging • earning

The best products, services, ideas, intentions and concepts are in vain, if not successfully communicated and sold. If you're aware and know the relevant attitudes, methods and techniques, you'll perfectly, playfully and with joy, sell, negotiate,arrange and earn. The sales-navigation system, navigates you reliably and with supreme ease towards your goals.


Realising the art of management and living with supreme ease

We live in a state of 'way-to-much', in a complex corporate environment, full of conflicting goals, performance requirements and changes. With the impressive WOWs of X10Plus,  you can confidently control and in a relaxed manner, regard projects and employees with clarity, strength, presence and supreme ease... with10!

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X10 Passion for Selling & Service

With the fitting attitude, selling enthusiastically and authentically, and thrilling customers with joyful service

Competition intensifies, customers are more demanding and products interchangeable. The quality of attitude and awareness that sales-people have towards their profession, the company,  the products and customers, is decisive for failure or success. The result: committed sales-people, selling actively as co-entrepreneurs, thrill customers and create stable customer-loyalty. ...and with that contribute crucially to the company's success.

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Analyses, evaluation and development of relations and networks

How much time, joy and energy are lost in your organisation, through open or hidden tensions, frictions or conflicts.!?...and how many employees!? Team-navigation analyses and develops task-oriented cooperation AND emotional relations, - the work-atmosphere. Differences and conflicts are solved, stable networks and high performance teams develop.

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TEAM - Total commitment of all members

Team-coaching ensures constructive togetherness. All the competences are used and solutions supported by everyone. Results: synergy instead of competition, dialogue instead of monologue, self-initiative instead of duty by the book. Appreciation and a pleasant atmosphere, where people are motivated and like to work.

seminar-x10, Xperience, Xcellence, Change, Veränderung, Einstellung, Bewusstsein, Team, X, Trainer, Energie, Leadership, LeadingX, Kooperation


Xperience (experience) of high-performance leadership

During the seminar X10, you integrate your understanding of lasting leadership on the level of attitudes and awareness, which contributes to your professional and personal success. With these 10 realisations for relaxed yet agile actions, you'll experience approaches to more self-motivation, clarity, serenity and courage. The interests of the company are realigned with personal needs and values.

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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