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Mindset, skills and tools, to help you master change and extend your innovation advantage


Situation and goal for the innovative mindset

The mindset for innovation is often out of date!  A restricted point of view, lack of trust, insecurity towards the unknown and lack of stamina, often get in the way of creating something new. You would like to change that and get you and your team, motivated and fit, to continually act innovative-orientated, for creatively handling a crisis and manifesting something new.



  • The seminar “fit for Change and Innovation” demonstrates the relevance of creative and future-orientated thinking and acting.
  • We open blocked minds and with joy and enthusiasm, create something new.
  • The creative potential of individuals and organisations is optimally used and transferred into concrete, value-adding projects.
  • The participant experience, how they get actively involved, in the daily handling of challenges..
  • Based on proven innovative behaviour, the participants open up to their own, powerful creativity and start to turn towards the ‘new’ and ‘unknown’.
  • The seminar “fit for Change and Innovation”  asks the following questions, on the level of mindset, skills and tools:
  • How do you discover your own and unique creative potential?
  • How can you get rid of impeding thinking patterns and habits?
  • How do you handle resistance and a lack of willingness to take risks?
  • How can you make use of the power of intuition and imagination?
  • How do you get from creative thoughts to daily innovative actions?



  • You expand your cognitive ability and learn to specifically direct your curiosity..
  • You trust and make use of your intuition, to bravely and with a willingness to take risks, implement your ideas.
  • You consciously realise opportunities, and turn your creations into profit-making innovations and solutions.
  • You lastingly increase the activity and clout of your company, because future-orientated thinking and actions become a natural part of your daily work routine.



Only a change in attitude makes profound and profitable innovation processes possible, because our attitude shapes our behaviour. With LeadingX, the topics attitude and awareness, which were regarded as untrainable, are practically-orientated conveyed and through that, start a lasting innovation advantage.


Participants reviews

  • “Gripping, involving and motivating. This seminar helped me, to understand the blockages  and my approach to working life better. In my job, I actively engage in the innovative attitude and encourage my team, to do like-wise, with the same passion”.
  • “Really gripping. I became aware of my own performance capacity and my potential to express myself, and now make use of it all, by approaching every activity and interaction with real openness and imagination.
  • “Very effective. I’m much braver in facing changes of situations and much more willing to take risks. Now, I’m planning my meetings differently, come to quicker and better decisions, and the number of ideas, officially integrated into the innovative process, grow on a daily basis. Thank you!”

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