Case Study



Turnover growth on a stagnating market. Further expanding positive team atmosphere.


Starting position

  • international company selling luxury goods
  • stagnating market
  • previous seminars have had little concrete success
  • Goal: passion for selling
  • increase market share
  • dynamic turnover and profit growth
  • optimise teamwork laterally and across hierarchies



  • intern seminar, topic: leadership and cooperation. For internal and external sales employees
  • open seminars for the management
  • 2 x 2 seminar days “sales navigation: sell-negotiate-arrange-earn”
  • the topics attitude and and awareness, claimed to be un-trainable, are conveyed in a practice-orientated and profound way.
  • Building on this, the sales methods and techniques can be trained effectively and expanded.
  • A lasting and sustainable development process is set in motion,
  • through this the entire sales process is systematically integrated.
  • the “sales-navigation” combines knowledge of current mental research with the high art of selling and negotiating, in a practice-orientated way.



  • Results: more than 30% of sales-growth in a stagnating overall market. Comparable foreign companies are growing modestly.
  • Experiences: positive team climate is further expanded and supports the sustainable results.
  • Stable customers’ relation-leadership and long-term partnerships.



Statement of the CEO: “Even in my wildest dreams, I would not have expected such results!”

“International divisions and foreign companies ask themselves: What are you doing differently from us?!!! MG

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