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Leading people mindfully & sensibly.
Inspiration, creating teams-spirit and motivation for achievement,
plus contributing to the whole.


One succeeds very seldom with traditional target agreements, rational attempts to convince and incentive ‘Reward and Punishment rituals’, to bring about lasting effects to success factors like trust, loyalty, intrinsic motivation or team-spirit.  To achieve this,  one needs –  besides classic leadership methods, – especially transformational leadership skills, such as practiced in exceptionally successful companies, which is confirmed in many studies.

Transformational leadership is not a leadership method, but a  managing  style, in which through transforming (latin: transformare –  reshape, redesign ) attitudes and values, employees stop  orientating themselves on selfish, personal goals, but rather align themselves towards the  inner consent of the individual or of the whole team, as such.  The result is a meaningfulness that results in a significant increase of results,  (i.e. sales, profits, loyalty of employees and of customers…) and of experiences. (such as the atmosphere within the company or conditions for innovation, enjoyment of work itself, employer branding and contribution to the whole…)


Leading sensibly and transformational promotes intrinsically motivated co-entrepreneurs, where managers

  • are conveying attractive, meaningful visions,
  • communicate and shape the path to collectively achieve a goal,
  • serve as a powerful role model and
  • support the individual development of employees.


LeadingX-Transformational modules

  • LeadingX Leadership Xperience
  • to lead and to coach
  • the purpose of leadership
  • collective spirit
  • transformational workshops



The manager serves  as a role model and is perceived as a person of integrity and authenticity, on which the employees orientate themselves professionally as well as on a humane level.  Trust, loyalty and respect are encouraged.

Managers convey meaning and purpose and thus point out, what is worth to invest time and energy in. The image of a transformed environment as well as inner world, once brought into awareness, made sense of, and is emotionally understood, creates an inspiring and lasting motivation.  Collective, meaningful goals connect people and create a feeling of togetherness, like-mindedness  and motivation for collective accomplishments.

Willingness to bring creative potential and inventiveness to the organisation, increases enormously. The employees question and optimize the company’s processes, initiate changes and lead them successfully to the finishing line.

The manager responds to the individual needs of his/her  employees and specifically helps them to develop their skills and strength, which leads to self-confidence and empowerment.

Job satisfaction, commitment, achievement, health, the customers’ satisfaction and the employees’ creative flow, increase significantly.



Through methods, orientated on attitude and experience, which address the mind, intuition and the unconscious in equal measure, trigger a sustainable and creative process. A feeling of togetherness, lasting motivation and innovation create corporate success and the good feeling of making a contribution to the whole.

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