Case Study



Self-management and employee management
Joy, enthusiasm and vitality


Starting position

  • Dynamic growth, the doubling of turnover withing a few years.
  • A lot has to change, so that things can stay as they are.



  • Co-entrepreneur, leadership: How do I lead myself? Self-Leadership, Personality
  • Worth through values
  • How do I manage others? Managing employees
  • Strategy: business model, logic for success: experiencing what is expected.
  • Nature: Peak-experience, challenge
  • Joy, Fun



  • Finding success: structured and targeted exchange of experiences among the participants in the sense of
  • management of knowledge, best practice and self-directed learning.
  • Experience dealing with challenges and changes.
  • Open and clear communication of the situation as ‘IT IS’, of future challenges and of goals.
  • Press conference
  • Morning hike, combined with communication of the winner, peak-experience
  • Support for transfer and implementation



  • Self-directed learning and further development.
  • Team-building, basis for winner-communication
  • Employer-branding, image for potential applicants/employee moves up
  • Customer enthusiasm through enthusiastic co-entrepreneur
  • sustainable implementation
  • worth through practised and lived values.



Thank you for three brilliant days! Once again, I was really impressed.  You just bring each topic straight to the point. One can judge a workshop at best after a few weeks. Thus let me express my deepest respect and appreciation of our workshop with you, Markus. Your ‘inserting’ of most vital elements, of personality and of attitude, have been and are especially valuable. for each participant. As is your humour, alternating with serious depth when needed, another special element you bring to your workshops. So, let me thank you once more! I’m already looking forward to the next seminar.” MG

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