Cooperating effectively and developing highly-performing teams.


Cooperating effectively in a connected and complex world, and developing highly-performing teams.

"The only thing that will redeem mankind is cooperation." (Bertrand Russel)

The faster and more complex the world becomes, the more important is our cooperation - the CoSpirit! The summarised  phenomenon of  VUCA ( volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) leads to  processes and solutions having to be more flexible and connected, to a greater extent.  Especially when the pressure increases, constant changes are pending, and it becomes imperative that everyone together, pulls in the same direction!  The use of digital tools, coaxing or given orders, are simply not enough any longer.

Modern employees ask for operational management relationships and for personal responsibility. Matrix-, and project- structures entail influencing without the need for a classic management-mandate.  They may require managers and team-members to break away from old, set images of leadership and behavioural patterns.  Single-minded thinking, territorial selfishness, internal competitive thinking,  lone fighter -,  and authoritarian leadership scenarios, prove to be counterproductive in a networking, rapidly changing world.  What attitudes and behavioural strategies do we need instead?  What does, the new spirit of cooperating,  the CoSpirit,  that ensures that cooperation in various forms can succeed under the current circumstances, look like?


The contents of Co-Spirit

  • Taking stock of your current cooperative relationships and networking connections in your work environment. You learn to perceive yourself and become aware of your impact on others.
  • Making people aware of how neurological mechanisms create perceptive awareness and behavior in the individual, and how this leads to either energy-consuming conflicts or to effective cooperation.
  • Experiencing the principles of actions for successful cooperation-relations and translation into everyday life.
  • Practical translation and application of these principles, based on practical cases and case studies.  You bring along the personal concerns for the team, and in return receive valuable impulses.

Your benefits as a manager, project-manager or team-member.

  • System-awareness: consciously perceiving and actively shaping human relationship networks and their principles of action.
  • Cooperation and seam-interfaces instead of departmental thinking and cut-interfaces: joint cross-departmental performance in the interests of the customer and the company.
  • Active action-energy instead of conflicts: the conscious cooperation-, and relations-management promote the performance and learning ability of the team.
  • Motivation instead of duty by the book: You experience what is necessary, so that everyone gets involved motivated, willing, and allowed to bring in their talents and contribution.
  • Effectiveness instead of loss of time and energy: You save time and energy in your daily collaboration because your relations are characterised by more openness, clarity and trust.
  • Self-control: teams that adapt flexibly and agile to changing challenges and realise goals.

That's why you benefit.

With Xperience, we impart manageable principles and strategies, that are based on well-founded scientific knowledge of psychology and systems-theory, and have proven themselves in a variety of practical applications.  We test and practice these approaches with you in this seminar, so that you can smoothly transfer them into the environment of your company.  This initiates in-depth development-processes.

CoSpirit - cooperating effectively in a connected and complex world...

...the boost for your relations-competence - within the business world and in other areas of life!

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