Seminar X10works - Leadership with supreme ease. Realising the art of leading and living.

carefully, playfully and cooperatively managing and acting.

Seminar X10works

Leadership with supreme ease, and realising the art of living, carefully, playfully and cooperatively managing and acting.

We all live in a time of 'way too much'... a complex corporate world full of conflicting goals, performance requirements and contradictions.  VUKA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) is everywhere!  Non-stop changes, coincidences, crisis, at best career-steps or stroke of fate, new challenges and opportunities arise constantly.

You're supposed to function well, be motivated, master projects, be able to deal with permanent stress well and of course, get your work-life balance into alignment!

  • in the process you will encounter "challenging" people, situations and incidents.
  • and instead of being determined "to take the lead" yourself, you are often determined by others, functioning and caught in automatism.
  • and start to notice your lack of quality-time,  zest for life, and inner life-force?

Contents of the completely new developed workshop X10works

Supported by the latest findings in neurobiology, brain research, human sciences, and combined with teachings of timeless wisdom, X10plus attempts to lead you to your own presence, clarity and excellence.



  • integrate and deepen the ten insights of action and leadership
  • realize what radical self-responsibility means, and how you can apply it for your own leadership skills
  • experience with astonishment, how you navigate with confidence
  • recognise personal choices and options for action
  • experience how you can productively make use of success as well as of failure
  • create concrete ways to realise opportunities
  • activate your creative power and internal resources
  • secure the transfer from longing to mindful, responsible implementation
  • transform your personell-management for current and future goals as well as challenges
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Your benefit of X10works

  • significantly more 'life-time' quality, zest for life and life-force energy, both professionally and personally
  • re-examine, experience and control all stimuli and events with clarity, strength and supreme ease
  • act and manage confidently, playfully and effectively
  • manifesting confident leadership and the art of living
  • successfully realising results and experiences to be wholly successful.
  • X10works!

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