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LeadingX10 - confidently acting and leading


Globalisation, digitisation, climate-crisis, demographic change, acceleration, VUCA, value-change, lack of skilled employees and increasing customer demands, are affecting us all. There is no getting away from it, all areas of life, professionally or personally, are changing.  Previous solution-approaches don't work any longer, because it is often difficult, if not impossible, to master the challenges of the present and the future, with the attitudes and behaviour-patterns of the past. This is quite clearly noticed. Individuals and organisations feel overwhelmed in everyday life. There is no use in pushing off or ignoring challenges, they're not going away! On the contrary: they're getting bigger. We're faced with the challenge to produce performances under increased pressure with less resources, and to motivate, lead and convince people. This constantly increases complexity, conflicts and stress. The consequences are: duty by the book, lack of self-initiative, single-minded thinking, departmental-egoism, inner given notice, for many.

On the other hand, there are currently more opportunities, than ever before. The question is: are we able to recognise and to realise those opportunities. Primarily, no new concepts, improved attitude, new structures or change-projects are needed. What you need is a new awareness and the right attitude to master current and future challenges with Xcellence. Responsible for this development are always people (managers and co-entrepreneurs), who act and lead with a fitting attitude. Attitude is crucial for innovation, realising goals and a healthy, happy and successful working and living.


Contents of the LeadingX10


X10 means: recognising problems, changes and challenges as opportunity and realise them with supreme ease. For that you need confident acting and leading. If you want to lead (people, employees, teams, customers, projects, changes, talks, your life), you have to be able to lead yourself!

X10 Xperience is focused on leadership-competences with an emphasis on personality, awareness and attitude. For that, we combine and transform ancient wisdom with current findings of neuro- and social-sciences.

You realise concrete findings of acting and leading with the fitting attitude. With that the focus is on inspiration, motivation, self-responsibility, mindfulness, self-knowledge, energy, conflict-solving and innovative acting and leading.

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LeadingX10 is a very special quality of mental attitude and awareness, whereby

  • Your activities, goals and challenges
    • with a high level of energy
    • productive-constructive-resilient
    • with a high degree of meaning, enthusiasm and joy
    • are goal-oriented and successfully realised


  • Your interpersonal relations and teamwork
    • in clarity and reliability
    • through the WIN-WIN-principle
    • are shaped with openness, tolerance and honesty.


  • with changes, complexity, resistance, pressure and setbacks
    • act with a high degree of supreme ease and optimism
    • with great innovations-readiness, solutions- and actions-oriented
    • and with resilience, courage and energy.


Your benefit from X10: Xperience - Xcellence - Xecution


You experience self- and employee-management on the basis of awareness and attitude-levels. We touch on mind, heart and hand and combine learning, experiencing and realising. Through that, the findings are lastingly anchored and you can use them for life. Every day! Professionally and personally. 


... is the highest quality to act from your inner core.

Xcellence is active leading and acting with supreme ease and at the same time with inner calm, balance and stability

Xcellence means working and living as engaged and performance-oriented co-entrepreneurs, who contribute substantially to the company's success, through creative and initiative actions...

...and at the same time,constantly bring in their full potential with inner balance and supreme ease.


Understanding is only secondary! Recognition and transformation are initiated and implemented. A culture of permanent learning and innovating ensues. Realising.. realising is the main trophy!


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That's why LeadingX10 is innovative and sustainable


Most management-seminars aim only to change behaviour. Permanent change in behaviour is only possible if you change the underlying attitudes, because those shape behaviour. Xperience and the workings of LeadingX10  make attitudes aware.  We make use of current findings of neurology and social-science and combine it with timeless ancient wisdom and realisations. That makes it possible to train attitude and create a basis for high performance leadership and Xcellence.


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