Case Study



To become ‘market-leader’, through active and authentic selling


Starting position

  • Number two on the world market, yet active selling is not often used.
  • Many internal changes and purchases
  • Solid framework
  • Sales  could prove to be a ‘bottleneck’ for future challenges



  • active selling
  • being global market-leader
  • “don’t buy” market shares
  • create a basis for ‘cross-selling’



  • Integration of management and the Board of Directors
  • X10 for all salespeople, sales manager and the Board of Directors
  • Sales-Navigation



  • Clear turnover and profit growth
  • Companies from other countries, not participating in this educational project, experience a visible decline.
  • Move towards number one position in the world market
  • Turnover increase to more than 1 billion €



“I’m in external sales for more than 30 years and believed: I know it all – now I realised how many reserves (unconscious in competences ) I still have. I should have done this training much earlier – but, ‘better now than never’.

“Now we’re all ‘talking the same language’ and are able to support each other to develop further.”

“Multiplication of the development process (Sales-Navigation) in other countries and their languages: Italian, French, English.” MG

Benefit now ...

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