Case Study



A seminar for old hands in sales


Starting position

  • Wholesale trade branch, more than 3000 sales representatives in external sales, in Austria and Germany.
  • The client is the market leader with a market share of around 6%.
  • Target group: Sales-people, who have been working in sales for a long time, and put their own way of working into question, in order to get new ideas and
  • find new approaches to make it work and ‘flow’.
  • On one hand, routine in sales is a basis for success.  On the other hand, it can become a hindrance,  not all at once but gradually.



  • Established salespeople recognise and face their (unconscious) routines in sales work, and tap into still unused
  • potential of personal flair, to ensure future success.
  • The reflection of one’s own goals, behaviors and attitudes within the framework of a constructive clarification process, shows opportunities
  • for the future, leads to clear goals and releases energy.
  • This energy is bundled with concrete actions within the scope of a personal transfer plan.



  • intensively taking stock of (strengths, skills, opportunities, reserves)
  • experience the importance of self-management.
  • The experience of conditions, such as self-initiative, self-responsibility and how active and enthusiastic selling can be promoted.
  • attitude towards the career/the vocation as a salesperson
  • Routinen bewusst werden und überwinden
  • Becoming aware of the routines and how to overcome them.
  • How to recognize and accept challenges.
  • From thinking about problems – to manifesting opportunities.
  • Raising awareness: why does the customer actually buy?
  • The ‘chip of the salesperson’,  in sales planning and organization.
  • Das XNavi …und es läuft
  • The LeadingX Navigation… and ‘it works’.



  • new ideas for your own work as a salesperson.
  • Success and satisfaction ensue consistently.
  • Resourceful dealing with success,  defeat and failure.
  • Committed salespeople who as co-entrepreneurs, say wholeheartedly YES, to their professional lifestyle and actively contribute to the company’s success.



  • Opportunities in the market are recognized and courageously implemented.
  • “Now I am aware and have seen where my strengths lie and where I still have reserves to draw from.”
  • “New perspectives, energy and motivation”
  • Refuel, rev up and take-off -” … it works like magic.” MG

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