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Someone, who realises opportunities  and goals responsibly and independently, thus multiplies and passes on successes, but also chooses to learn and grow from lessons of failures.


Starting position

  • Successful team with high growth’s rates in recent years.
  • It is about topping these results even further and laying the basis for further development.
  • Crucial competitive advantage is profitable learning.  For the individual and for the organization


Goal of ‘break the limit’

  • Overcoming previous limits – both, in terms of personal development, as well as in the area of ​​turn-over and profit growth.
  • Productively using both, success and failure,  for my personal development.
  • Both, success and  failure, are used to drive innovation.
  • thereby developing a learning organization from this.



  • two-day large group intervention…
  • …across hierarchy with sales management, regional sales management and salespeople.
  • Evening event which will “open the eyes of the sighted”!



  • An error-friendly climate arises within the company
  • Learning and innovation are demanded and supported
  • Joy and enthusiasm, while working ensue, which increases the performance and quality of work
  • Endless justification and ‘blaming’ for mistakes and failures, as well as the associated loss of time are eliminated.
  • Innovative problem-solving becomes a natural part of work, which significantly increases the company’s effectiveness and key figures.
  • Ways for more self-motivation, self-organisation and self-control emerge.



  • From someone, who avoids failure and obsesses about problems to someone, who finds success and realises opportunities.
  • Working and living as committed and performance-orientated  ‘co-entrepreneurs’,  who make significant contributions to the company’s success, through creative and innovative actions… ,        … and at the same time always use their full potential, with supreme ease and inner balance.
  • Feedback of a procurist: “Markus Gruber perfectly hit the desired targets. The title of the seminar was ‘break the limits’ and I’m convinced: with the attitudes and tools, the IAK provided, we’ll break all the limits. An important fact is, we’ve all experienced how someone, who realises opportunities,  also responsibly contributes to success, step by step.  Thank you for the professional execution of this seminar.” MG

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