Case Study



Exceeding limits and find (create) concrete solutions


Starting position

  • International company with distinctive corporate culture.
  • The organisation has ambitious goals and accordingly high expectations of its employees
  • Within the company it appears that attempts to create ‘something new’, are repeatedly done with the same ‘old’ approaches. What’s missing, is fresh ideas!



  • Within the framework of the company-intern schooling-academy, the basis for creative thinking and innovative problem-solving, are conveyed to managers and employees.
  •  Attempts are made to clarify the importance of innovation, as a ‘pillar’ for the company’s future.



  • Two impulse-events and a seminar, lasting for a few days, are interlocked.
  • Experience-orientated learning ensures lasting further development, of unconscious attitude and thought-patterns.



  • Impulse-event 1: ” mega-trends – what does that mean for us?” The participants get a ‘rough overview’ of the many changes, being in store for their company. The most essential trends, concerning their company, get established and highlight the significance of innovative solutions. “If you react slowly – you’ll be overtaken!”
  • Impulse-event 2:” Why is innovation, such a difficult business?”What are the typical mental blocks, or which behavioural-patterns, get in the way of finding innovative solutions? Through numerous experiments. the participants get to face their own ‘short-sighted’ interpretations. They also find out, which attitude helps removing these obstacles and how to keep practising  that, in everyday life.
  • Two-day training of creative techniques beyond ‘brainstorming’.  Participants practically experience, through seeing for themselves  and through the given phase-model of problem-solving processes, how innovative solutions for their particular challenges, can be found. With creative ‘speed dating’, the innovative ‘bus stop’, brain-stomp, forced fit, the gore-joker and other techniques, creative solutions are found in relatively short time.



All participants, from different departments of the company, profit from the new mental approach (mindset) and the way innovative-techniques (skills and tools) got conveyed,

The existing limits, in the search for solutions, are expanded:” Whoever is trying the same thing,again and again, is always getting the same  outcome”, which simply isn’t valid any longer.



  • Through a wholesome approach, the participants not only experience, why it is required to break away from the usual thought patterns, why this isn’t easy and how it nevertheless can be achieved.
  • The strategic challenges the company faces, get clearly recognised.
  • To meet the company’s own challenges, not only new techniques to find solutions get conveyed but also concrete ideas get developed, at the same time. UP

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