Case Study



Startup-mentality, VUCA, experiencing and benefiting from digital leadership and agile culture in concrete terms


  • What exactly is VUCA, and how do we deal with it?
  • How does digital transformation work?
  • How do we develop digital leadership and an agile project-culture?
  • Which business- and service models are relevant for us?
  • What’s the meaning of: social media, mobile, business analytics, cloud computing, internet-of-things, for us?
  • Whats the quickest way, to a manageable service scenario, for our business?


During the digital boot-camp, all these questions are answered and practically experienced.

Continuous accompanying of the transformation-process on a personal and organisational level, through Companion Apps.

Based on experience and existing tools, we’ve developed new digital means  (apps, websites, …) which enable the transformation-adviser to delegate the process of change . In large and medium-sized companies, these tools have already been extensively tested. Our aim is to provide customer-specific companion Apps, for internal and external consultants. The advantage is that these measures of change on individual and organisational level are effectively delegated and evaluated, which keeps costs down.

You can test tools and principles, based on examples and your own projects

  • Draw up your own MVPs (Minimal Viable Prototypes)
  • Develop impressive stories that captivate your target group
  • Create real ‘end-to-end’ service models, suitable for your business
  • Building on changed attitude, develop your own customer journey maps and prototypes.
  • Business plan for potential investors.
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social networking technologies (for internal or external use)
  • Multi-channel digital marketing

Concrete procedure of the digital ‘boot-camp’

  • 3-days of digital ‘boot-camp’
  • A varied mix of participants including members of the Board of Directors, managers but also young, new employees
  • A Startup is simulated, aiming to develop new disruptive business ideas, for your specific market.

Daily overview

  • First day: experiencing VUCA and then working network-connected, agile, innovative and parallel, on concrete tasks.
  • Second day: the results are presented to an (fictitious) investor and further intensified.
  • Third day: reflection on process, leadership and agile culture, key-learning is anchored, decisions are made and implementation-plans tied down.


  • Everyone is massively engaged and productive. 300 new ideas are developed.
  • Focusing on 3 promising business-models, which are clinically inspected with prototypes, business model canvas and customer journey maps.
  • The Board of Directors is so convinced by the result, they instantly agree on financing and implementation.
  • With a new, internal social media tool, the entire event is documented in parallel and expands its prototype through a mobile App  .

Benefit now ...

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