Case Study



Superiors are appointed, managers are elected!

If managers are not elected by their employees, they remain superiors, only.  This does not create a stable base; neither for employees-loyalty, for encouraging employees in their development, nor does it implement innovations powerfully and quickly.  On the contrary: service by the book, muddle of average and leisure-oriented ease, are the consequences.  This problem can therefore not be solved by management and structures, but requires an in-depth attitude-  and awareness-process, in order to help managers develop into superiors , to move people, create and shape change and to realise opportunities.


Starting position

  • Production company with international wholesale, in the area of trade and industry.
  • Positive sales-development
  • Challenging situations to enforce market prices.
  • Employee turnover, through past failures and compromises, creates unnecessary problems and ties up capacity.



  • Clarity and shared understanding of the roles and functions of an effective manager.
  • Self-assessment based on specific leadership skills.
  • Feedback and comparison of expectations and self-assessment, on the level of sales-people  and management.
  • Initiate and maintain self-learning processes, in order to increase sales, reduce fluctuations and significantly increase employees-loyalty and motivation.



  •  three modules for development
    • Seminar X10 – leadership Xperience (experience)
    • Seminar X10 – selling experience
    • workshop:  future management
  • Integrated – wholesome approach through the navigation system
    •  I: personality, leadership
    • US: teams, culture, sales
    • IT: management, processes, strategy


These topics are made tangible and are anchored 

  • Self-responsibility, courage, willingness to innovate and motivation.
  • to deal constructively with failure and mistakes
  • wanting/ being able to/being allowed to
  • Inner attitude for agile use of the X-navigation system
  • the sales-navigation system as a wholesome structure for employee management, knowledge management, feedback processes, self- and external assessment and target agreement, on the behavioural level.
  • Development of 15 effective leadership skills in the dimension  “I – us – it”.
  • Also in the foreground is the structured and rounded exchange of experiences among the participants in terms of
  • knowledge management and best practice.  What is my contribution and my responsibility?


Output and Magic

  • For the first time it has become clear to me, what leadership means at all and what my specific role and responsibility is.
  • I have recognized a lot of reserves and opportunities and can now, fully motivated,  tackle and and realise my challenges.
  • With the sales navigation system, we have the ideal basis to consciously guide  salespeople and support them further,-  in addition to the area of number-controlling- , on the level of behaviour and attitude. As only the attitude creates behaviour and therefore results, in the shape of numbers. MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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