Case Study



People, who realise opportunities, solve challenges on their own initiative and innovatively.


Ausgangslage/Starting position

  • successful production company for means of transport, with 700 employees and worldwide sales
  • new management-team on the board
  • due to global competition and products from “low-wage countries”, completely new challenges arise
  • partly none or bad experiences with seminars and workshops/ resistance to the development program


Goals: a newly open mind

  • Innovation on the levels of personality and awareness
  • Communication and teamwork
  • subject-related topics, sales and products,
  • demanding and promoting, thereby further securing and expanding previous successes



  • X10-leadership Xperience for all managers, at different hierarchy levels in open and internal seminars.
  • Individual module workshops on the topics of sales, team, error-management and innovation.
  • Experiencing how an error-friendly atmosphere arises within the company, and how it can be utilized.
  • Building on the right attitude, structured and targeted exchange of experiences among the participants in terms of
  • knowledge-management, best practice and learning experiences.
  • Experiencing successful handling of challenges and change, and implementing innovation.



  • Growing from someone, who thinks only of problems and avoids failure, to someone who realises and manifests opportunities and finds success.
  • endless justifications and blaming for mistakes and failures, as well as with it associated wasted time, are eliminated
  • completely new feedback-culture, error-management, product, production and sales
  • finding new ways to more self-motivation, self-organisation and self-control
  • self-directed learning and further development
  • Building competence and more swift innovations in the areas of
  • personality, team, communication



“Innovative problem-solving is a natural part of the work, which significantly increases the company’s effectiveness and its key-figures.”

“Profitable learning,  for the individual and for the organisation.”

“Becoming faster and acting pro-actively through an open-minded approach, towards myself and others.”

“New motivation and fun at work – thank you very much!” MG



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