Case Study



Creating and experiencing, lively and activating seminars


Starting position

  • internal employees and managers train their own co-workers and colleagues
  • a lot of ‘dry’ topics make it difficult to kindle dynamic, joy and energy
  • sometimes, even the trainers aren’t particularly motivated



shape an entertaining day for 60 trainers, as a reward and incentive for the additional effort, to develop ideas, how to fashion their own seminars and training to become livelier, more creative and effective



1-day-event with several trainers and parallel happening event-blocks

interactive impulse-talks, brain-stomp, creative-techniques

drumming-sessions, team-experience

evening-event combined with short performances



200 new ideas for creative, entertaining, varied and effective seminars and training

energy, fun, motivation




“I didn’t know, that learning could be so enjoyable – or more so, that if you enjoy yourself, you learn a lot more and quicker.”

“We’ll talk about this in years to come but most of all, make use of its results.” MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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