Case Study



Customer-enthusiasm through employee-enthusiasm you can only ‘light a fire’ if you have the spark within yourself


Starting position

  • Group of Wellness/Spa hotels
  • challenging environment with ambitious goals and focus on service
  • changes in personnel, in management and with employees



  • service with pleasure
  • the best Spa-resort in the alps
  • emotional customer-loyalty through sincerity and warmth
  • surprisingly different, first class quality service – well worth the money
  • customer-enthusiasm through exceeding expectations
  • the basis for this is employee- enthusiasm -as- you can only ‘light a fire if you have the ‘spark’ within yourself
  • managers live by the agreed values and are ‘role-models’ in dealing with employees and customers alike
  • lower fluctuation and employee-loyalty


Process and interventions

  •  Workshop: leading with pleasure for the top-management
  • various modules of the LeadingXacademy, for the top-management
  • team-workshop – for all the management: “leading with the power of opposites”
  • individual coaching
  • large group-event for employees and team leaders
  • contents of service with pleasure
  • leading with pleasure
  • the innovative leading-personality
  • the power of opposites
  • winning together through communication and team-spirit
  • everyone is different – all are the same: typifying, four elements
  • Act ‘creative-active’ with challenges, change and alterations
  • Performance on Video
  • Performance on video
  • the mix of various methods allows the participants, instead of  holding on, to so far usual role-patterns and behaviour,to get involved within the team and reflect on their own behavioural-patterns. The individual experiencing of the contents, allows everyone, to acquire individually relevant knowledge.
  • the instant use of what was learned, ensures an above average practice-transfer


Result, Magic

  • Team-spirit
  • clear two-digit turnover-growth
  • Agile reacting to challenges and innovation
  • “Thank you for the possibility to experience this seminar and make use of it in my private as well as professional development” MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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