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Simply doing the right thing right, and making more of one’s own time with wholesome self-management.


Starting position

Intend to prepare the presentation?  Deal with the long-standing complaint?  Win the new customer?  Finally go jogging again?  Or just tidy up the basement?  Anyone, who is faced with an unpleasant task knows it only too well, that  – the inner saboteur – prevents one from making important decisions, changing something or letting go of bad habits.  The inner saboteur’s arguments are seductive because they promise immediate relief – but be aware, the relief is only temporary.



How you can make much more of your own time, through wholesome self-management.



  • The “phenomenon of time”
  • the right thing: awareness and balance in all areas of my life. Clarity of my goal;  how can I set goals, that are sabotage-proof?
  • Alignment to the essentials, setting priorities, effectiveness.
  • Planning-tools and systems
  • Recognize and eliminate time-thieves, concentration and passion for action.
  • Recognising which tricks, techniques and tactics my inner saboteur uses, and in which areas of my life,  the inner saboteur is most distracting and active.
  • Finding strategies
  • How can I tame my inner saboteur and turn him/her into my friend, supporter or servant, even?
  • How do I turn the right habit into a regular practice, and thereby create lasting, sustainable changes within my behavior?



  • the right thing: effective and affective.
  • correct: economical, efficient.
  • Doing: to act, to implement, being successful
  • The inner saboteur is not a (an unconscious) master but friend, supporter or servant, even.
  • Recognising and eliminating motivation-killers and time-thieves.
  • How do I get from pressure and stress to confident work-planning, having an overview and success?
  • Finding my own guide-line for time management, and acting in a success-oriented manner, matching the priorities of my own tasks.



Most time-management seminars deal primarily with methods and techniques.  But what use is the best technology – the best method, if attitude and awareness do not match?  Everyone has already experienced this for themselves: changing habits always requires awareness of oneself, and the right attitude as a basis.  Building on this, an approach was developed, that not only successfully communicates these topics, which so far were considered un-trainable, but one that has also already been put into practice, for many years.  We do this; –  with lots of practical examples, with interaction, exercises and with a lot of humor and fun.  MG.



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