Case Study



Developing new structures with a new organisation chart. Focus on innovation.


Starting position

  • The current business stagnates and is no longer as profitable as it used to be.“
  • The products and services are increasingly more ‘me-too’.
  • The price pressure increases.  Profits are falling.
  • The competitive pressure increases.
  • Customer requirements are becoming more complex.
  • Qualified employees are becoming more and more difficult to find.  Hunting for talent.


Goals – strategy development

  • Development of a new organizational chart generally promotes new products, services and innovations.



  • LeadingX  navigation for location determination and development issues.
  • Team- and decision-making workshops with the management.
  • Concrete projects and support for different innovation topics.



  • new effective and cost-saving organisation chart
  • collective vision, with strategy based on it
  • success in the various innovation projects



  • Participation of employees across the various management levels.
  • Team-spirit and common direction is strengthened.
  • Intensive dialogue between management and employees.
  • Clarity about common purpose and strategy.

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