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Attitudes and techniques to realise desired results and experiences


Selling isn’t everything, but without sales nothing counts.- because – the best products and services are futile, if not successfully communicated and sold.


Starting position – Retail

  • Products and prices are becoming more and more matched, exchangeable and can be purchased through various channels
  • It’s the sales-people, who make the difference to the USP and the competitors
  • Challenges and pressure from all sides: the internet, discount shops, complaints, transparent pricing, new competitors
  • negative routine in sales: “can I help,- you’re just browsing?- no added sales….
  • negative attitude, anger and frustration: little active and joyful sales, listless dealing with complaints….
  • bad atmosphere, also noticeable for customers – ‘lone fighters and insular-mentality’, a culture of no errors
  • shrinking or stagnating turnover and profit, small contribution margins
  • Customer changes over to the competitor, reversed customer-frequency



  • Enthusiastic customers through enthusiastic sales-people
  • Active selling with enthusiasm
  • Creating customer-enthusiasm and customer-loyalty
  • Increase turnover and profits


Development-process and module


 Me: attitude, personality & self-management

  • Only through the attitude, of every individual co-entrepreneur, can the overall business result be changed positively
  • Personal responsibility, dealing with anger, pressure and stress
  • Emotions don’t sell products. ‘You can only light a fire, if you have the spark within yourself’
  • What are magic moments and how can I create them
  • How to turn customers into fans,-(active full reference)

IT: Sales-navigation: procedures and structure of a  successful sales-process

  • Sales-navigation: selling – negotiating – arranging – earning
  • Rules of conduct, methods and techniques, how to move and thrill people, overcome resistance and achieve goals
  • How to sell, negotiate, arrange, and earn, – playfully, without objections and with joy
  • From complaint to advertising-action: using complaints as an opportunity
  • Cross-selling: tips and tricks

US: Contact, relationship, communication,team

  • being in touch and building relationships
  • effectively communicating: people buy from those, who listen and enquire, with empathy
  • Get away from the ‘club of victims’! From one that thinks about problems to one that realises opportunities
  • How to make productive use of success as well as of failure?
  • Learning from the best within the company – together we know and achieve more
  • from that, how to we develop a ‘learning organisation’?



  • noticeable better team-spirit, win – win
  • Word of mouth recommendations, through enthusiastic sales-people and customers
  • Employees enjoy and are having fun with active selling
  • Productively learning: together and from one-another
  • Increasing turnover and added value



“outstanding and memorable exercises and experiments”

“lasting anchoring for practical use”

“great atmosphere, lots of humour and playful selling”

“coming from practical experience – for practical use”

“with less effort – noticeably more selling!”

“looking forward to the next seminar!”

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