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Negotiating situations are an integral part of professional life.  One day they are the spice of life, an other the spanner in the works.  Entrepreneurs, executives, salespeople and employees are repeatedly challenged by many different negotiations.  In negotiations they face customers or suppliers, their superiors or employees, or they have to negotiate different ideas, innovations or even goals, within the company.  The result of a negotiation depends on many different factors, but the most important factor among them is the person and their skills. How ever different the opposing, negotiating partners might be from one another, it is still feasable to prepare and adjust in such a way,  that the desired success is achieved.


Goals of the negotiation

The conduct of a negotiation is entirely in YOUR hands, even if at times, the emotions run high.  It creates a very special clarity, but also ease in thinking,  as well as being generated in subsequent negotiations!  Bad conditions, economic market changes, sympathy or antipathy can no longer influence you negatively or debilitate you. Through the ‘LeadingX’- approach and the  ‘sales-navigation’ negotiation method, you will lead yourself and your negotiation partner to the desired result!


Things that can be negotiated

  • Prices, salaries, investments
  • Dienstleistungen, Unterstützungsmaterial
  • services, support material
  • Visions, strategies, projects, ideas, innovations
  • Professional positions or areas of responsibility
  • Dates, completions
  • …just like any other types of disagreements



  • Definition of negotiating – as everyone interprets or understands  it differently
  • Negotiation as part of the buying or selling-process.
  • Rules of conduct, behaviour and negotiation.
  • Evaluating your own situation and your own goals. (bringing optimistic maximum goals into play)
  • Evaluating the situation and the goals of the negotiating partner.
  • Learning a goal-oriented structure. as well as a successful course of negotiations.
  • Negotiations individually, or in a team.
  • Choose and use concessions, but also demand them!
  • Learn to say no and still be successful!
  • Choose, use and adhere to negotiation tactics.
  • Setting  success criteria for the negotiation-conclusion, as well as specific further steps.



The extraordinary negotiation method creates a very special clarity, but also ease in thinking and in subsequent negotiations.  With your specifically developed negotiation template, you can efficiently prepare and successfully conduct future negotiations!
… and your negotiations succeed with supreme ease!


Target group

Everyone, who has something to negotiate – entrepreneurs, managers, buyers, salespeople and project managers.

What use is it for you to be good, if others negotiate better!?

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