Case Study



Innovation as a result of attitude, methods and process


Starting position

  • Market leadership in the segment of its market.
  • Mostly young employees with little knowledge of innovations or creative techniques.
  • An essential product with large volumes is increasingly replaced by use of plastic.



  • Sensitisation of employees and managers towards the importance of innovative thinking, as well as its greatest obstacles.
  • Working out ,which personal attitudes form the necessary prerequisite, for an innovative environment within the company.
  • Training of employees in the field of innovation, with regard to creative techniques.
  • Finding and incorporating ideas, how new challenges within the market should be dealt with.



  • ‘Innovation-kick’, over one and a half days.
  • Half a day of work in an interdisciplinary team together with managers,  ‘mindset’, on the topic innovation,  including all barriers.
  • One day ‘toolkit’  (creativity techniques), with a smaller group of participants, development of concrete ideas for overcoming the…
  • challenges through the use of plastic.
  • Development of ideas through techniques of innovative association and analogy.
  • Evaluation of ideas.



  • Employees, in the area of innovation with problem-solving processes, become familiar with the most important methods in the different phases.
  • the development of over 100 ideas…
  • teilweise neue Ansätze bzw. Stoßrichtungen gefunden
  • with partially new approaches or directions of impact are found..
  • Two ideas for further company-internal considerations are integrated in the innovation process.



“Innovation is clearly recognised, as a result of attitude, methods and process.”

“With innovative creativity-techniques, new ideas were developed.” UP

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