Leading Navigations over 360° and Coaching

Individual development, solution and goal realisation

LeadNAV Coaching

Leadership-analysis and optimization - digitally and through individual coaching.

With LeadNAV (leading navigation) we offer you a powerful and at the same time simple tool, to further develop leadership and communication within the company.


Goals, that are realised with the LeadNAV (leading navigation) 360°

  • Investigating the self-image and the external-image, as perceived by  your surroundings, alongside job-related criteria
  • Clarity about expectations, as well as perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Investigating personal development topics and their implementation
  • Measuring leadership qualities and their further development
  • Developing a culture of feedback and communication
  • conclusions for career-planning

Your benefit of leadership with the LeadNAV(leading navigation system)

  • Analyzing and developing leadership communication patterns, practically, "on-the-job" and stemming from the strength of those involved.
  • Simplicity - with our online protected one-page approach, you overlook all essential findings as a whole at one glance, digitally or in paper-form.
  • Recognising potentials and making use of them.
  • Making the work- atmosphere and emotional work-relationships visible and resolving conflicts constructively.
  • Meaningfulness - the central characteristics of the current situation become transparent for the manager.
  • Manageability - the analysis spans over 15 simple semantic differentials.
  • And two open questions.  This increases acceptance within the company and in giving feedback.
  • Internationally applicable - we carry out the Lead NAV (leading navigation system) in all relevant languages.
  • Sustainability through repeatability - when applied regularly, it results in a tool that gives you progression-control of developments, on an individual as well as on an organisational level.
  • The evaluation is personally discussed with the employee, by certified coaches and recommended actions are jointly developed.
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Tableau - Group evaluation

While the analysis and the coaching are absolutely confidential, the condensed results of each participant however, can be made public anonymously.  The tableau becomes a learning generator.  The transparency and the resulting constructive competition,  effectively to lead to dialogue and accelerate development.

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LeadNAV - is an evolutionary and even revolutionary step of an organisation, through leadership and communication, towards a collectively intelligent, corporate-organism.

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