Leading Purpose – Discover meaning, professional calling and live branding.

Each of us is endowed with a special potential and unique talents and carries his/her personal mission within him/her.  This purpose triggers a burning longing, a desire that needs to be lived. More and more people have the need to reflect about their own direction, to find their own vocation.  Changes to requirements, new possibilities, career-steps, professional reorientation, crises or coincidences are often serving as triggers, to restore the connection to the essential and the inner energy.


Contents and benefit of the seminar or coaching for ‘Leading purpose’

If an electrical device does not work, we must first check if the power supply is disrupted,  if it isn’t switched on or whether the battery is empty.  That is exactly what we do in our seminar ‘Leading purpose’. We’ll reconnect you to your core-energy and  help you re-charge your battery.  The innovative seminar or coaching process gives you orientation,  courage and energy.  You become aware of your inner talents and start to feel powerful and self-confident.  You focus on your strengths and talents and have formulated your brief, your mission statement, your personal values ​​and your individual question of meaning.  That is the key to your personal and professional career.  This is how you feel authentic, inspired and in contact with your own inner guidance.  You are motivated and want to inspire and bring others further, even move things along also.  Not don’t only do your job, don’t just focus on your career, but experience your real calling.

By focusing on talent and meaning, the fluctuation rate is demonstrable  up to 44% lower, whereas the productivity increases up to 50% and profitability increases up to 33% !

That’s what we do differently in the ‘Leading purpose’ seminar..

Through attitude- and experience-oriented methods, that address mind, intuition and the unconscious, we create a practice-oriented and sustainable development process.  We will accompany you on your individual journey with well-founded impulses, without you giving up ‘the driver’s seat’.

You can benefit from ‘Leading purpose’ and the inexhaustible connection to the core-energy either in seminars or in individual coaching.  Why not register now?  As, the more you find meaning in your work, the greater its energy, your joy and your performance and the better you get paid.  Then the company is also much more successful and attractive – for customers and employees! … and the best thing is that the week has five more days!


Registration and dates

The laboratory of talent and meaning, consists of six coaching units of two hours each. or a three-day seminar.  The investment for this is  € 1200 each, and takes place in the ‘XLaboratory’.

starts on the first day: 09.00 am
finishes on the last day : 16.00/4pm

Your adventure for your vocation and professional calling begins now!

Simply register for the seminar now, or give us a call and arrange your personal coaching-appointment.

Do you still have any questions?  Contact us! We look forward to be hearing from you…

Lisa Riedl, +43 664 511 34 60, E-Mail: lisa.riedl@LeadingX.com
Markus Gruber +43 664 1 888 444, E-Mail: markus.gruber@LeadingX.com



Start date 16. March 2023
End date 18. March 2023
Investment 1.200,- €
At the moment there are still places available - but these can quickly be sold out

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