Sales-Navigation – thrilling people, overcoming resistance, realising goals and establishing valuable partnerships

Selling • Negotiating • Arranging • Earning

Selling isn’t everything, but without it – everything is nothing…

…because the best products, services, ideas, intentions, plans and concepts are in vain, if they are not successfully communicated and sold.

Every company, every manager and every employee, is also a sales person, selling to internal or external customers. Sales, also in the way of presenting, demonstrating, convincing, nudging, leading (lateral), negotiating and arranging – in order to thrill and move people, overcome resistance, realise goals.

Once you’re aware of the right attitude and know the basic rules, the methods and techniques required, you’ll sell, negotiate, arrange and earn with faultless, joyful ease.


Who is it for?


Do you have communications with customers?

 Are you running a company?

Do you manage employees?

Do you run projects?

Are you leading teams?

Are you having sales-talks?

Are you a manager and sales-person, who thrills and moves people and overcomes resistance,realises goals and builds precious partnerships?

Make use of ‘Sales-navigation’, for all of that!



Positive attitude, creativity and a indomitable will to succeed, are as much part of growing turnovers and profits, as are courage, empathy and having a good feel about interpersonal relations and customer requests. We have developed the 3-days boot-camp ‘Sales-navigation’, based on that. From practice  – for practice’! We combined practice-oriented, the findings of current mind-research with the high art of selling and negotiating.



  • ‘Sales-navigation’ leads you reliably and with supreme ease towards your sales-targets.

  • Strengths are visible, are expanded and even more specifically applied and exchanged.

  • Internal barriers are dismantled and increasingly, new customers gained.
  • Reserves are made clear and get transferred into performance-ability.

  • Customer-enthusiasm, stable relations-management and long-term partnerships.

  • Turnover growth, increase of market-shares and added-value.

  • …and it works!

This is, what we’re doing different

  • With ‘Sales-navigation’ we offer a strategic and integral development-tool for sales,  sales-people, management and everyone else, who is or will initiate contact with customers

  • The topics of attitude and awareness, considered to be untrainable, are conveyed practice-oriented.

  • Based on that, we can effectively train and expand sales- methods and techniques.  A lasting development-process is initiated.

  • With that, the complete sales-procedure is systematically integrated and individually coordinated for your industry, product and customers.

  • Our trainers and coaches of the ‘Sales-navigation-system’, have proven their sales-talent multiple times and over decades, through developing and managing sales-areas and sales-organisations.


‘Sales-navigation’ stems from practice – for practice – especially for sales, distribution, service, presentation, lateral leading and marketing. 

Sales-navigation: the essence of 1500 days as trainer and coach, at site of customers, in BtoB-sales

Sales-navigation: the essentials from ca. 400 text-books, 70 seminars/workshops with the topics selling, negotiating, arranging, earning.

Sales-navigation: the realisations from more than 25.000 personal sales-discussions and negotiations

Sales-navigation: the experience from 250 sales-people meetings

Investment: 1.200,-
Begins on day one: 9.00 am
Finishes on the last day: 4.00 pm

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Start date 15. November 2023
End date 17. November 2023
Trainer:innen (Coach) Markus Gruber
Investment 1.500,- €
At the moment there are still places available - but these can quickly be sold out

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