Case Study



Strategically planned and implemented handover, increase of leader-competence, strengthening of employee- and customer loyalty


Starting position

  • Engineering office with 60 employees.Over the last few years, the company has grown substantially (threefold in turnover and employees)
  • Because of his age, the founder and sole owner of the company, wants to sell the business to the leading management and thereby intends to maintain the special corporate culture of his company.



  • Developing, a resilient organisational-structure, that works without the company’s  founder.
  • Establishing the essential basics for future cooperation like: decision-authority or partnership agreement,….
  • Preparing the management for future challenges
  • The changeover should be achieved in such a manner, that everyone with essential ‘know-how’, remains.


Process and contents

  • For a period of a few years, the company is supported and accompanied, through workshops and seminars
  • Working out a clear strategic positioning and establishing of specific corporate-strengths (gems).
  • Establishing the flexible organisation chart and essential responsibilities for the future.
  • Xperience for a change of perspectives: This reflects on personal dealing with changes and anchors fitting attitudes.
  • Several leadership seminars to expand the necessary competences of the management: ‘your role as manager, situational leading, values and motivation, communication’.
  • Team- and conflict management, feedback from colleagues, decision-making…
  • Personal interviews to sound out concerns, fears and apprehensions of future company-partners and being able to counteract them, at an early stage.



  • The handover of the company was a success.
  • Everyone with essential ‘know-how’ is still with the company.
  • The company hasn’t lost any customers.
  • The long-time of cooperation creates a very special, trusting work-relationship, that enables a very transparent dealing with all topics.
  • Many “magic moments” throughout the process. UP

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