Case Study



Motivation – Courage – Co-entrepreneur


Starting position

  • international group of companies worldwide distribution
  • global competition
  • ambitious goals create internal and external challenges
  • average enthusiasm


Goals: enthusiasm…

  • …generating
  • optimising attitude towards innovations and challenges
  • triggering fun and joy at work



  • Impulse-workshop
  • ideally, followed by: seminar X10 leadership Xperience



  • recognising one’s own potential
  • personal responsibility and determination
  • self-motivation, self-organisation and self-control
  • fun and enthusiasm at work arise, which also supports the performance and quality of work



“Now, I confidently can face totally new challenges and goals.”

“I’m not getting demotivated or ‘dragged down’ by my surroundings, any longer.”

“I define goals more precisely and realise them consequently and with ease.”

“Thank you for the many ‘WOW’ effects.”

“I can use these contents really well, professionally as well as personally.

“Great anchor to remember – which brings sustainability.” MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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