Case Study



Allowing more time for the essentials


Starting position

  • An advertising agency with just over 80 employees.
  • In their everyday working life, the employees are constantly under great pressure from the clients. Their work is repeatedly interrupted or put off for so long that it has to be done under extreme time pressure.
  • Unclear priorities, endless influx of emails, inefficient meetings.


Goals: more time for….

The employees should be given clear tools and approaches, such as,  how they can keep a better overview in their day-to-day work, how to tackle the essentials in good time, and how the feeling of ‘being constantly rushed’ can be reduced.


Process and Content

  • A two-day seminar, during which the participants focus on the following topics:
  • the basic principles of efficient work,
  • setting goals and priorities,
  • practicing good time-management,
  • time analysis: tracking down time wasters
  • efficient communication by e-mail or mobile phone,
  • optimal desk organization: finding instead of searching
  • managing change



At the end of the two days, each participant has drawn up a list, with their own personal improvement options…

Due to the abundance of small and large changes, it is now possible to focus on the essential tasks and thus, avoid unnecessary odds and ends, instead delegate or rationalise, so that they take significantly less time.


Participants’ reviews

  • the workshop  “cleverly organized  – allowing more time for the essentials”,  was a very good, highly professional and practical seminar, on an enormously important topic – which impressed with an extremely entertaining, enjoyable and interactive design, as well as by Dr. Uwe Pölzl himself, – an absolutely convincing speaker-,  who believably refers to his own experience and therefore recommends  concrete solutions.
  • “The speaker Uwe  Pölzl  was excellent, in terms of presentation and content.  Very helpful topics for better organization and better time management at the workplace, were chosen after his consultation with the participants, and which he presented,  in a very sympathetic and funny manner.  I wouldn’t want to miss these two days.” UP

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