Case Study



Building and securing of long term and lasting partnership with the customer


Starting position – customer loyalty

  • Client is “market-leader” but with little customer loyalty
  • Competitor tries to gain shares of the market by ‘dumping’ prices
  • Systematic sales and customer loyalty tools exist, but are only partially used, by external sales people
  • Many young and inexperienced sales people
  • The previous year, 39 new value based selling systems were introduced to the market



  • Achieve significant cost cutting for the customer in process cost,s at C-parts management
  • Make the customer aware of transaction and purchase costs and demonstrate the potential for savings
  • Increase of customers, who purchase the complete system, related to current needs
  • Strengthen  customer loyalty, expand partnership and push win – win
  • Revenue-, gross profit and profit gains, in clear the ‘2-digit’ area



  • Kick-off event to start the year, with the complete sales branch: sales people, together with the sales manager and regional sales managers
  • Make everyone aware of the right attitude and show the effects on sales
  • Winning is in the mind! Learning, using and making aware of mental qualities
  • The complete sales process – experience it enthusiastically – from planning to implementation to control
  • Develop a innovative system, to visualise the connection of “price cost-profit”
  • Learning from the Best
  • Trigger practice transfer on site with the management and secure sustained implementation for the rest of the year
  • Secure, focus and ongoing self-control



  • More than 170 new systems got put in place (four times as many as the previous year) and customer loyalty increased
  • Clear”two digit” revenue and profit increase
  • Customers safe 30%-70% on purchase and internal costs of transactions



“Opportunities within the market are realised and bravely implemented”

“Genuine and lasting partnership with the customer, in the sense of win – win”

“Stamina and motivation throughout the year”

“now I know what it means to sell – it gives me energy and courage for its implementation”.

“everyone works and pulls in the same  direction!” MG

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