Case Study



Lead yourself and others
Realising goals, relaxed and with supreme ease


Starting position

  • An ever increasing deluge of topics, work-density, rising work-pressure
  • Projects, tasks and continuous new challenges create confusion, stress and pressure
  • Performance-pressure, fast-moving changes and brutal, global replacement-competition are taking its toll
  • The complexity of ‘too-much-isation’, (overload of everything) constantly creates conflicts, and demographic change leads to completely new challenges for everyone



  • Doing the right thing right
  • Organise the topics deluge, gain overview and supreme ease
  • Finding the right balance between work, family and leisure
  • Managers have to realise, how much influence their management-style has on the perceived stress-level of their employees. (connection to managing-responsibility, corporate culture)
  • With ‘X-navigation’, strategically leading yourself and others.



  • 2-day workshop for managers and their superiors
  • Introduction to the specific use of the ‘X-navigation’ system, in practice
  • Practical examples, individual activities and reflection on behavioural-patterns
  • Implementation-meeting with ‘best practice’ – exchanges about successes, experiences and difficulties with implementation: collective readjustments



  • individual implementation planning, for all areas of life
  • With ‘X-navigation’ goals are realised, relaxed and with supreme ease
  • A initiated self-learning-process is started within the team
  • …it works!



“Very practice-related, profound and energetic”
“A totally new awareness for leading myself and leading employees”
“We’re looking forward to the next workshop.” MG

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