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Integral development program for managers and sales-people


Starting position – development program

The success of a company is inextricably linked to the effectiveness of its managers. Leadership begins with the ability to manage oneself.  Because, who wants to lead – people, projects, customers – must first be able to manage him/herself. Then employees, customers and actions (projects) can also be managed significantly better.

Selling: What the use,  to be good and innovative when others sell (themselves)better?!  Every company, every manager and every employee is (also) a seller, who sells and presents, convinces and motivates internal as well as external customers.  Because the best ideas, products, services and concepts are in vain, if they are not successfully communicated or sold at the crucial moment.  Who has become aware of the relevant settings and has mastered the rules of the game, methods and techniques, will successfully complete his/her projects and discussions.



  • Dedicated executives, sales people and co-entrepreneurs, who create lasting performance motivation through leadership.  They are recognizable through excellent performance, active selling, commitment, clarity, action-orientation and innovative strength.
  • How can we sell profitably in saturated markets with high competition and price pressure?
  • How can we promote active sales and build sustainable partnerships with customers?
  • Prepare for a change of generation.


Process and Content

Change and development only take place, when attitudes towards a challenge, goal or problem change.  The effective attitude and experience-oriented development program of the IAK,  are based on the optimal interplay of these three dimensions:

  •  ‘I’ leadership & personality: attitude, demeanor, personality, leadership and values ​.
  • ‘WE’ cooperation, team and sales: relationships, teams,  culture, communication and sales.
  • ‘IT’  innovation and change: management, strategy, structure, processes, transformation, change, implementation.


Modules – development program

  • Executives’ – Seminars for board members, executives and sales-people
  • Seminar and development system  Sales-navigation -sell-negotiate-agree-earn
  • Leading-navigation – leadership analysis and optimization, digitally and in coaching
  • Lead & Coach – Menschen agil führen • wirksam kommunizieren • individuell coachen
  • Manage&Coach – Lead people with agility  * communicate effectively * individual coaching
  • Einzelcoaching – Individuelle Entwicklung • Veränderung • Lösung
  • Individual coaching –  individual development * change * solution.



Commitment, clarity, action-orientation and innovative strength
authentic, active  salesmanship, that strengthens the customer-relation and generates new customers  the atmosphere within the team, and management culture is expanding and will be further improved.



“Amazing, how the atmosphere within the team generates energy and keeps improving at a high level.”   “Now I have a perfect overview on where I stand as a manager and how I can develop further.”
“Although our job is very challenging, it is really good fun and I look forward to implement innovations together as a team.”
“Now I know the attitudes, approaches and  methods for successful selling and can improve further on a daily basis.”
“Learning processes for oneself and the team become self-evident and natural”. MG


Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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