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A lot has to change so that everything can stay the way it is!


Situation and goal, on the subject to overcome limits.

Many people love habits. Habits are practical, provide security and make many processes easier.  The question is: are yesterday’s habits still suitable for the challenges of today and tomorrow?  Entrepreneurs and managers in particular, are challenged to break daily habits and overcome new limits.  Within the company, with employees and with new products, services and solutions.  Yet, before one asks innovations from others, it is important to first overcome one’s own limits.  To overcome limitations in one’s thinking and acting.  Fifteen entrepreneurs and managers from different industries meet in the three-day workshop, to recognize and overcome mental, physical and entrepreneurial limits.  The basis for this is the right attitude and awareness.


Overcoming limitations at the level of attitude and awareness, deals with the following questions.

  • How do you discover your own and unique creative potential?
  • How can you move on from hindering thought patterns and habits?
  • How do you deal with a lack of willingness to take risks and resistance?
  • How can you make full use of the power of intuition and imagination?



  • Grenzen definieren und akzeptieren
  • Define and accept limits
  • Consider limitations and be considerate of other people’s limits.
  • Dare to experiment, find ways.
  • The control of your own limits.
  • Fight and overcome unnecessary limits, fears and worries.
  • Learn to deal with fears,  in nature.
  • Rethink existential and economic fears.

Additional highlight

  • Paying a visit to the  highline 179, at lofty heights.
  • External guest speaker, entrepreneur, visionary, lateral thinker on the subject: “If things go really well, this is the perfect time for a change”.
  • Visiting innovative companies.


  • Becoming aware of limitations on three levels and overcoming them:
  • I: personally, mentally, who wants to lead others beyond their limits, must first be able to lead him/herself
  • US: team, cooperation, lead others beyond their limitations
  • IT: exceed physical, structural and economic limits


Magic and participants’ reviews

  • LeadingX – always  an experience with great results..
  • Amazing what is possible..
  • It’s hard to believe how much fun it is to overcome limitations.
  • This seminar takes me further professionally and personally, and makes things a lot easier.
  • I’m already looking forward to the next entrepreneur forum.

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