Case Study



Creatively-Active leading and performing by taking responsibility.


There are two types of employees no company cares for: those who NEVER do what they’re told, and those who ONLY do what they’re told!


 Situation:Co-employee instead of Co-entrepreneur

  •  The well-behaved working employee, doing all the things his/her boss orders to do, is to overwhelmed, to deal with the increasing complexity, the pressure of competition, the ongoing dynamic change and the many internal and external interfaces.
  • Creativly-activ and responsible Co-entrepreneurs are the basis to overcome the challenges, the company faces, at present and in the future. In the long run only those companies that create frameworks and opportunities for development, of courageous Co-entrepreneurs, demand and support entrepreneurship,will be successful.
  • So, Co-Entrepreneurs, are those, not only passively following orders, or only doing things by the book, but who initiate projects and Creative-actions, recognise and use connections and synergies, lead and bravely make progress.


 Starting position

  • successful production company, department construction has around 75 employees
  • employees are used to direct and concrete leadership style
  • the manager retires
  • global competition creates production cost and price pressure
  • increasing demands on internal and external complexity and communication


Goals: Co-Entrepreneur

  • projects: from Co-employee to Co-Entrepreneur through your own Creative-Actions
  •  to recognise, analyse and take up opportunities
  • to lead with initiative and motivate colleagues
  • to create visions and fine-tune concrete goals
  • to find innovative solutions
  • to tangible planning and structuring
  • to implement them in your team
  • to exercise control of them



  • fitting seminar modules of the Xacademy for managers and employees, of various levels of employment, in open and internal seminars
  • individual module-workshops on the themes: project, creative action, team, communication, on the basis of attitude and behaviour
  • specific exchange of experience among the participants, for the purpose of knowledge management, best practice and learning experience
  • successful handling of challenges, experiencing change and implement innovations


Outcome, Results

  • from well-behaved implementer/ Co-employee to Creative-active Co-entrepreneur
  • from Re-action to Action
  • from thinking about problems to see opportunities
  • new ways of self-motivation, self-organisation, and self-control, automated learning and development
  • increased competence and faster innovation in the area of
    • me: personality
    • us: team, communication
    • it: subjects, mistake management



“only now do I recognise our unused reserves”

“beneficial learning for each participant and the company”

“it’s a great feeling to be not only Co-employee but also Co-entrepreneur. It’s clearly beneficial and more enjoyable – for me as a person and the team” MG


Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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