Case Study



Professional processing of complaints.
Turning complaints into advertising campaigns.



Starting situation of the complaint

  • The company has a 24- hour customer service and emergency service.
  • Should a system fail, customers often respond very emotionally, thus demand an immediate solution for their problem.
  • Customer service proves to be a particularly challenging task during evenings,  throughout the night, as well as on weekends.



  • Complaints are dealt with,  professionally and with a positive approach.
  • Employees respond with flexibility to the upset person they talk to.
  • Creating enthusiasm and joyful ease at the workplace increase performance, quality and work standard.
  • Avoiding endless justifications and blame for mistakes or failures, result in more
  • work ethics/enthusiasm and time-saving



  • LeadershipXperience,  LeadingX10 for all managers
  • an individual  two-day  workshop for all employees
  • A one-day workshop for and with all employees, who are involved in the direct process of complaint.



  • Becoming aware of your own attitude, thought- and behavioral patterns.
  • Learning how to avoid justifying ourselves and blaming others.
  • Learning to interpret every complaint as free business advice.
  • Understanding why emotions arise and learning how to navigate them and deal with them.
  • What does active listening during phone conversations mean?
  • Role-play and examples of instances, giving tools how to handle complaints and deal with customers on the phone.
  • Enjoyment and enthusiasm at work, which promotes better performance and quality of work.



  • Employees can empathize with the emotional thought process of the customer, thus align their own actions accordingly.
  • Complaints are seen as free business advice and taken as opportunities for the company’s improvement,
  • which is furthermore applied, as a possibility to create added value.

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