Case Study



Acting successfully with
values and appreciation.


Starting position

  • A department with about 150 employees in a large chemical plant.
  • The department’s internal communication is partly characterized by cynicism, irony and a dismissive choice of wording.
  • Instead of listening to and understanding of another, one’s own point of view is instantly argued, preconceived opinions remain set in stone.



Improving communication within the department: the communication shows more appreciation, better listening skills, focus, no more cynicism or irony. Putting an end to the urge of immediately justifying oneself. Coming to clear understandings, which are honoured.


Process and Content

  • The rules of the game for communication and cooperation are redefined in a total of three workshops, for the department’s managers.
  • Definition and formulation of the basic values, that should be considered, when dealing with each other.
  • Basics for positive communication – How do I criticize others, without ‘walking all over’ them?
  • Create enough time to start a dialogue with one another.
  • Group experiments, both indoor and outdoor, to anchor content and reinforce team-spirit.



All participants realise that the so far applied used methods, of dealing with one another is expandable. The collectively developed values and the introduced ‘document of values’ within the department, helps to outgrow established behavioral patterns. Agreements are not only defined with more clarity but also better adhered to.



  • The introduction of a ‘document of values’, in order to not loose sight of the defined values, during stressful and demanding working days.
  • Nordic Talking/Walking
  • Outdoor – group exercises  UP

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