Case Study



The innovative and sales-orientated service-technician


Starting position

  • Service-technicians are having the most frequent contact to customers..
  • ..with demanding tasks – on the technical as well as human level
  • dynamic product-development in a short space of time



  • multiplying success-factors
  • taking self-responsibility
  • making aware of sales-possibilities and sales-support
  • developing even more openness for new things
  • strengthening team-attitude
  • creating a basis for an exchange of success and learning-experiences



  • 2-day workshop
  • integration of managers and the Board of DirectorErfolgsfinder: Erfolg hat folgen – Misserfolg auch
  • ‘Success-finder’: success has consequences – failure too
  • apart from dealing with Technology, the interaction with people should be improved as well
  • ‘Evening in front of the fireplace’ with the Board of Directors
  • Transfer-workshop



  • team-building
  • Success stories are multiplied and better communicated
  • Failures are not covered upany more, but used as ‘learning-opportunity’ instead
  • The cooperation with sales is intensified



“As a service-technician, I clearly understand now, that the relationship level, takes priority over the factual level.”

“Until now I didn’t believe, how important I am for the company, as an innovative service-technician. I will use this even more specifically in the future – when dealing with customers but also within internal cooperation,” MG

Benefit now ...

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