Case Study



Cross-departmental team work with WIN-WIN-WIN


Starting position

  • Market leader in Europe with dynamic growth
  • many new employees got hired
  • new management level’s and new managers
  • during the dynamic company development, friction losses arise among the management and therefore within the departments


Goal: win-win

team development within management including the managing directors

create seams instead of interfaces, on your own accord

create the basic for further development



  • members of management experience attitude-orientated management seminars
  • in ‘follow on’ steps the “us-level” is strengthened
  • through theme’s focusing during the workshop, different hierarchy levels get mixed up
  • practice-orientated, managers are further developed on a personal(Indi-Inno) and team (Co-Inno) level
  • the program gets expanded through individual and single-coaching and LeadNav



  • the “me-level” and awareness of my influence within the team are strengthened
  • we find ways for more self-motivation, self-organisation and self- control
  • the interests of the company get re-aliened with personal needs and values
  • building on that, there’s an enormous change, in communication behaviour and the way we deal with one another
  • teamwork – also cross-departmental – features “win-win”



“because of the individual self-awareness and self-guidance, the team attitude has almost improved by itself”.
The The cost for workshops and coaching was a great investment. MG

Benefit now ...

Xperience creates Xcellence - LeadingX

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