Case Study


From relations-management to relations-leadership in sales


Starting position

  • The client is “leader” in the market, customers usually buy from several suppliers.
  • The old way of selling individual products reaches its limits, and is also very tedious for the seller.
  • The competitor tries to gain market-share, through price-dumping and ‘”methods of pushing prices”.
  • For future growth new ways to the customer are needed.



  • developing customers into a system-customer
  • Relations-leadership: stable customer relationships and genuine customer-service
  • contribution to customer success
  • strengthening customer-loyalty, expanding partnerships and promoting ‘win-win’.
  • Solution-sales instead of product-sales


  • Product sales process based on the attitude towards me and the customer
  • three times 2 days workshops, partly together with the managers
  • learning from practice: as a “finder of success”, from successes as well as failures.



  • stable customer loyalty, follow-up business, customer relationship
  • win- win-partnership: does not mean that only the partner achieves
  • Systemverkauf wächst zweistellig
  • system-sales grows in double digits
  • building on that, expanding the market-share



“From relations-management to relations-leadership: the relationship is not manipulatively managed, but lived in partnership with the leadership-partner. This creates cooperation, customer-loyalty and growth.”

“Selling is a lot more fun for me and my customers – and is much more productive – for my customers and well as for myself.” MG

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