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Learning and development with mind, heart and hand


Starting position

Dynamic growth, doubling of sales within a few years, number of employees increased significantly, more management levels, personal and direct communication from the management is less common and cannot be implemented as frequently.

Especially for companies with seasonal main-emphasis  – such as tourism – the targeted preparation for the new team is of crucial importance.  One must also integrate new employees, involve them, in order to pass on the spark of the corporate-culture. Ongoing optimisation of the process.  Controlling, feedback, results of numbers are sub-optimal.



  • Sales: how do I achieve enthusiasm in customers?
  • Working out the ideal sales-process together.
  • Further optimize work processes.
  • My contribution: what can I do to optimise the process?
  • Work through a concrete process-optimisation during the seminar, and apply it to your own work processes.
  • Concrete implementation- themes per participants, promotion of personal responsibility.
  • Team building – creating added value: to form the team, to develop: this is about both, existing regular employees, as well as new seasonal- employees,  to familiarise them with the topics and to develop individual focal points during the workshop.  How can we pass on corporate-culture at 17 locations with 235 employees, (…and continuously more new employees, locations) to promote the balance between harsh and gentle, or between demanding and encouraging, ( e.g. culture of constructive criticism)
  • Nature: part of this is also the integration of nature, in the shape of self-experience exercises, outdoors: with this, the group learns to behave as a team,  and to find (and create) solutions together.



  • Development and permanent behavioural optimisation can only take place, when attitude changes, as attitude shapes our behaviour. Awareness is the basis for this. Building on the foundation of attitude – > behaviour -> results and experiences.
  • integral -wholesome approach with the use of the LeadingX navigation.
  •  ‘I’ : personality, leadership
  • ‘WE’ : teams,  culture and sales.
  • ‘IT’ : management, processes, strategies.
  • Also in the foreground is the structured and distinctive exchange of experiences among the participants, for the purpose of management of knowledge and best practice.
  • What is my contribution and my responsibility to enthuse customers and for perfect standard procedures?
  • Cross-hierarchy and integration of the executives’ management, laid out in 3 modules: management, LeadingX navigation – analysis of management style and individual coaching and advanced team workshop.
  • Executives: together with the management, a three-day ‘top’ workshop, at 2,400m high, at the  Wedelhütte.
  • Employees: Two-day workshop, together with executives. company directors, managers and employees.
  • Each event is combined with experiencing nature and is highly interactive, encourages the participants to take part, thus addresses and works not only on the cognitive but also the emotional level.



  • expanding from a very good company to an excellent top-company, through playfully creating added value.
  • anchored and above all, lived values that produce value
  • all participants recognise their contribution and their responsibility.
  • employer branding, image for potential applicants/employees continue to rise.



  • From tragic moments to magic moments
  • Participants independently produce internal training videos, thus trigger sustainable learning experiences for themselves and other employees.
  • Thanks for the many magic moments of the past few days.  It was one of our best workshop in a long time!!!!  Our motto: playfully creating added value was brilliantly implemented.

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