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Developing new awareness  about yourself and employees/colleagues  to recognise signs of burnout, and taking early enough measures to counteract.


Starting position

  • global competition
  • ongoing changes
  • high pressure to achieve
  • challenging goals


  • recognising burnout early enough, to to take preventive measures
  • basic knowledge about burnout
  • noticing burnout signs earlier, in myself and colleagues
  • different approaches and methods to become acquainted with  burnout prophylaxis
  • making use of sources of power and inner resources in everyday work



  • Partially attitude-oriented, open basic-seminar on open dates, as a basis
  • a two-day special seminar on burnout prevention
  • Overview of relaxation techniques and mental training
  • Basic knowledge of sources of strength and inner resources
  • Recognising energetic and mental approaches to sources of strength.
  • The cognitive, emotional and energetic levels are addressed and experienced from a holistic perspective.
  • learning with heart, hand and mind


Result and participants’ reviews

  • We’ve already done a lot along those lines, but for once this seminar has a lasting effect.
  • Despite my already high expectations, they were greatly exceeded
  • Very well communicated, using many examples and helpful story-telling
  • Very practice-orientated – not just theory
  • Entertaining and stimulating, educational, numerous helpful tips
  • Sensational visual presentation with models – which helps to integrate and anchor everything
  • An excellent red thread, recommendable for everyone.
  • Also recommended for managers – encouraging them to go with the flow again
  • With my new awareness of burnout, I can now recognize signs of burnout in myself and my employees, and take action early enough. MG

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